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POSH Faith “Step Up Plate”, Reasonable Price and Easy Step Position Change


Rearset is indispensable for sports riding. While there are many expensive products, the “step-up plate” that can change the step position at a low cost has been appeared. Against many rearsets are integrated type, this product is a base plate that is sandwiched between an OEM step and a frame.


Reduction of cost with no functional dissatisfaction!

The step up plate for the tested 2019 YZF-R25 is selectable from 3 positions and its step position can be changed by up to 35mm / 25mm back. Processing may be necessary depending on the ABS specification and step position, but it can basically be installed bolt-on.

As I test-ride the 2019 YZF-R25 with “step up plate” installed, the impression changed dramatically compared to the stock rearsets. It makes it easy for a rider to stabilize the vehicle in corners, and the sense of unity with the machine has definitely increased. Matching with the handlebars that tilt slightly forward is outstanding, and of course it adds a dress-up effect of its appearance. This is an ideal product for those who want to easily push the step to more aggressive position.

Changed from a forward step to a sporty position

Price: 73.33 USD-148.53 USD ▲Corresponding model: CBR250RR 2017-, YZF-R25, MT-25 / 03, GSX250R, Ninja 250 / R 2008-, Ninja 400, Z250 2013-

▲Standard (YZF-R25)

The R25 has been changed a handle position to lower in the 2019 model, but the step position is unchanged. When you want to ride it sporty, you may feel that the position of the step is slightly forward. This product can also solve the same troubles with other motorcycle.

High-quality aluminum machined product and also has a dress-up effect

▲for the R25, selectable in 4 different colors.

The products’ finishing is anodized and colors can be select from blue, red, silver and black. The shift extension rod and brake fluid tank relocation bracket are also included.

These products are compatible with 250cc+α of 4 Japanese motorcycle manufacturers

▲Ninja250/400(2018 -)



Products for above SS have been well released. Color variations and travel distances are different depending on the models. A brake hose bypass block for the Ninja after 2018 is also prepared.

Up to 35mm up / 20mm back


It is selectable in 3 positions: 8mm up / 20mm back, 21mm / 25mm, 30mm / 35mm. When selecting the maximum back position for the brake side, processing on the brake master hose is required.

More custom around the step!

Aluminum Machined Foot Peg

▲Price: 81.26 USD – 91.42 USD

This product is machined from aluminum A2017 and has a knurled finish that prevents from slipping. It makes the good operation feeling by gripping tightly on the soles. A sense of safety enhances even on rainy days.

Aluminum Machined Heel Guard

▲Price: 73.33 USD

These heel guards are longer in the rear direction than the OEM parts, and increasing the hold feeling. Racy feeling is also perfect. This product is also machined aluminum and anodized.

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