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New Color appears in CB250R / CRF250L / CRF250 Rally


At the new business meeting of Honda’s new spring where “Super Cub 50/110 · Street” and “Super Cub C 125 and Monkey 125 New Color” were announced, new colors were unveiled in three products of 250 cc class.

Blue’s new color, and also rumors of lowdown specification

Mat metallic blue is newly adopted in CB 250 R. The front fender is matted, but this is the same as the conventional Matt Krypton Silver Metallic. For overseas CB300R also black is based and black series is the color following the bright blue of CB 150 R sold in Indonesia. In introducing this new color, it is not announced whether the conventional color lineup will continue. The photo of the vehicle is ABS specification. The appearance of lowdown specification has also been suggested, and it seems that many users are welcomed.

HONDA CB250R (new color) will be released around April, the price seems to be around 590,000 yen (ABS equipped motorcycle).

The fuel tank is matte blue. In addition to the outer tube of the inverted fork being gold, the color of the wheel and headlight trim is also different.

[Current Motorcycle Model Body Color] Black / Candy Chromo Sphere Red / Matt Krypton Silver Metallic from the left.

A long-awaited black lineup

The current CRF 250 L is a lineup only for red, but a long-awaited black was added. It is blacked out to the muffler’s heat guard and fork boots, front and rear fenders, meter visor, and even to the rim of the wheel, giving the impression that the whole body was tight.

[HONDA CRF 250 L (new color)] The release is in mid-February, the planned price is 478,880 yen.

CRF logo is arranged with gun meta, red line and 250L logo are included as color difference.

New graphic adopted in the red of the rally image

The CRF 250 rally inverts the CRF logo from black to white while inheriting the conventional Extreme Red. The way of entering blue and white lines also changes. The planned price is unchanged from the current ABS specification. There seems to be no change in gold inverted fork and black rim etc.

[HONDA CRF 250 RALLY (new color)] The release date is late March, the planned price is 702,000 yen.

The color of the CRF logo and the line of the difference color were changed. The impression of the whole will be the line of “succession”.

Watch a picture of a motorcycle at once

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