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More cooperation with BERINGER Brakes

After winning the 2017-2018 FIM Superstock World Cup championship, private French team Tati Team has spent the next two seasons competing in the Formula EWC class. The team has now renamed itself Tati Team Beringer Racing as it will be working more closely with braking systems specialist Beringer to ensure its ambitions for 2021.

The Tati Team, which has been competing in the FIM World Endurance Championship since 2014, is a private team based in Beaujolais, France. And Bellringer Brakes, which has backed the team since its debut, is also based in the same location. The BERINGER is only 20 kilometers away from our home ground, said Patrick Enjolras. That's where the bond comes in. For the 2021 season we have decided to strengthen this relationship by changing the team name to Tati Team Beringer Racing. I'm very happy.

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