Webike Team Norick YAMAHA 2020 Team Structure Presentation


On Monday 2nd March, the 2020 Webike Team Norick YAMAHA System Presentation was held at River Crane Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo).

In 2020, Webike Team Noric YAMAHA will be positioned as a leap year and bounds based on the experience have cultivated last year, and Keito Abe (16 years old) will fully participate in the All Japan Road Race Championship ST600 class. Keito Abe participated in the All Japan Championship J-GP2 last year and won 8th place in the ranking. He has steadily gained experience by changing from S2 class to S1 class in the All Japan Supermoto Championship.

In addition, Kai Aota (14 years old) participated mainly in the Tsukuba Road Race Championship J-GP3 class. Maiki Abe (16 years old) will participate in the Tsukuba Road Race Championship ST600 class.

Webike Team Norick YAMAHA Comment from Mitsuo Abe

Last year was the last year of J-GP2 when the middle class on slick tires was lost, I felt that GP is far away. However, I did my best in the given situation and supported the young Keito Abe to grow up, seized the opportunity, and reach toward his dream. Also, for Maiki Abe, who has almost no racing experience, last year was a year to gain racing experience for him rather than winning or losing.

For Kai Aota, who was 14 years old, it was a year of encouraging growth through various experiences such as motard, dirt, and circuit for him. I think it was a year of great growth for the three young riders.

In 2020, Keito Abe will be competing in the All Japan ST600 class, but given the growth in the second half of last year and the tests at the ST600 during the off-season, I feel that he can compete enough for the championship. Maiki Abe is also scheduled to participate in a total of 15 regional championships in ST600. I expect him to win all the races. Kai Aota will also participate in the J-GP3 class in the Tsukuba Championship Series. I hope he will ride the same bike as Keito, challenges the time and ranking that Keito has left, and want him to surpass the yarn.

I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting the growth of the three dreaming young riders who have not yet been able to achieve good results and still continued to provide great support to them. The team would like to thank for the continued warm support and assistance in 2020.

Rider's Comment: Keito Abe

The change from slick tires to normal tires was difficult to adjust, but the off-season is getting better, so we will aim to win all races and become a series champion this year.

Rider Comment: Kai Aota

Although the displacement changes and the speed of the machine are different, I will concentrate on the race and do my best at the goal to rise to the podium.

Rider Comment: Maiki Abe

This my first ST600 class, and I haven't been able to achieve good results last year and before last year, so I will do my best to leave good results this year.

Webike Team Norick YAMAHA Team Structure

◆ Team structure

Directed by

Mitsuo Abe


Keito Abe [All Japan Road Race Championship ST600 class, etc.]
Kai Aota [Tsukuba Road Race Championship J-GP3 class, etc.]
Maiki Abe [Tsukuba Road Race Championship ST600 class, etc.]

Chief Mechanic

Murano Masaya


Naoki Ishizaki


Kazuyuki Usui (Assistant)

◆ Machine

YZF-R6 [All Japan Road Race Championship ST600 class]

YZF-R6 [Tsukuba Road Race Championship ST600 class]

TZ250F [Tsukuba Road Race Championship J-GP3 class]

◆ Race support

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
KYB Co., Ltd.
SAKURA Industry Co., Ltd.
NTS Co., Ltd.
YSP Yokohama South
Dr. Baba
31 Ice Cream Noda-Sho

◆ Team management support

River Crane Co., Ltd.

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