MOTO HACK: Hayabusa that Everyone Dreams Of, and Pleasant to Ride than it Looks!

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Introducing the custom motorcycle that has been submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK Custom Motorcycle Contest" campaign!

Meet the custom motorcycle from "Youtan" who rides the GSX1300R Hayabusa.

Vehicles and self-introduction

I have been riding motorcycles for over 20 years. Due to his family's situation (children, etc.), he had to give up or buy a motorcycle, but now that his younger daughter is in elementary school, I bought a Hayabusa, which he had always wanted to ride. I'm currently at the point where I've been riding for almost a year and I'm enjoying every weekend â

[Motorcycle Introduction]

Suzuki GSXR1300 Hayabusa (2010) North America, white, mileage 7300km, bought used.

Customization of the particulars

The ideal is to tweak it like no other.

[Points that I think are cool]
First of all, the overall shape! I don't think there's much else with a streamlined and chunky form. I was surprised to see that it can drive very quickly even though it looks like it's a bit bulky.

Custom point introduction

  • R'S Gear Wyvern Single Type Exhaust system Single Exit Type Full Exhaust
  • K2TEC 3 Piece Silencer
  • Hurricane Pipe Handlebar Kit Silver Color
  • Speedra SSK Aluminum Billet Adjuster Lever Set - Standard Reversible Clutch and Brake 
  • Napoleon Cowling Mirror 7
  • Baby Face Handlebar End Long Gold
  • Domino Race Type Grip White
  • RSV Racing Rearsets Variable Type Gold
  • j trip stand hook silver
  • Single seat cowl
  • DiMotive 3D Front Axle Slider Gold/Black
  • Hurricane Tailtidy Kit
  • Bright Logic License Plate Twill Carbon
  • Impact Double Bubble Screen Iridium
  • Daytona Oil Filler Cap Gold
  • JP Motomart Tank Cap Bolt Gold

    State at the time of purchase of Hayabusa. Each part of the motorcycle had been customized, but I'm going to customize it to my liking. The Wyvern silencer was cool and browned, but it didn't sound great.

    Changed to K-Tech silencer
    Fat and short sound is the best

    The screen is iridium and stands out. I put gold on the lever and bar end to make a point. The color of the grip is black. I also added gold to the axle slider. I added gold to the rearsets and hooks, but I'm thinking that it's too much color. The single seat cowl is very cool.

    Tailtidy rear area, LED tail lights and license plate lights make it stylish. This whole form is just so cool.

    Customization that I want to do in the future

    Front and rear brake related and ETC2.0 mounting

    Thank you, Youtan, for participating in our custom motorcycle contest! You will get 500 points to use at Webike!

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