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Model Name:LEAD 50


Model Year:1982

It was a motor scooter GT with an automatic choke and a self starter that was easy to handle. It was the first motor scooter to adopt a 30W halogen headlight. Model 80 that could be ridden double was brought to the market the next month. It became popular by using Bjorn Borg, the world No. 1 tennis player in those days, for its advertising character.


[Basic spec]

ManufacturerHONDAEngine TypeAir-Cooled 2 Stroke Piston Reed Valve Single Cylinder
Model NameLEAD 50Starter-
Grade-Maximum Output (ps)5ps(4.0 kw)/7000rpm
Drive Train-Maximum Torque (kgf/m)0.53kg-m(5.2N-m)/5000rpm
Model TypeAF01Curb Weight-
Displacement49Dry Weight64
Sales Launch Year1982/2Fuel Efficiency by Catalog-
Height/Width/Length-/-/-Fuel Tank Capacity-
Seat Height-Distance to Empty-
Front Tire Indication-Fuel SupplyCarburetor
Rear Tire Indication-

[Service data]

Standard Plug-Chain Size-
Number of Used Plugs-Chain Link Number-
Engine Oil Amount-Battery Code-
Engine Oil (Refill)-Headlight-
Engine Oil (Element Replacement)-Headlight Type-
Front Blinker Rating-Headlight Remarks-
Drive Sprocket Teeth Number-Tail Light Rating-
Driven Sprocket Teeth Number-Rear Blinker Rating-

[Machine detail]

Motor Model Code-Caster Angle-
Bore (mm)-Trail (mm)-
Storke (mm)-Minimum Ground Clearance-
Compression Ratio-Distance Between Axes-
Ignition Method-Streering Angle (Right)-
Engine Lubrication Type-Turning Angle (Left)-
Frame Type-Mirror Screw Hole Diameter-
Minimum Rotaion Radius-Fuel Tank Reserve Capacity-

[Underbody detail]

Front Brake Type-Suspension Type (Rear)-
Front Brake Remarks-Number of Rear Shock Absorbers-
Rear Brake Type-Rear Suspension Stroke-
Rear Brake Remarks-Rear Wheel Travel-
Suspension Type (Front)-ABS-
Front Fork Type-Drive Train-
Front Suspension Stroke-Differential Oil Amount-
Front Fork Diameter-Chain Remarks-


Seat Lowering Allowance-Theft Prevention Device-
Mirror Screw Hole Diameter-Tail Light Bulb Type-
Mirror Remarks-Tail Light Base Shape-
Electronic Device Remarks-Tail Light Base Shape 2-
Fuel Gauge-Tail Light Remarks-
Clock-Front Blinker Bulb Type-
Hazard-Front Blinker Base Shape-

[Engine detail]

Clutch Type-Tappet Clearance (mm) EX-
Transmission-Idling Initial Value (rpm)-
Number of Gears-Needle Steps (Clip Location)-
Gear Ratio-Float Level (mm)-
Primary Reduction Ratio-Air Screw Return-
Secondary Reduction Ratio-Main Jet Type-
Variable Speed Vehicle Gear Ratio-Main Jet Number-
Tappet Clearance (mm) IN-

[Other spec]

Clutch Cable Length-Rear Brake Cable Length-
Choke Cable Length-Other Cables-
Meter Cable Length-Engine Number (Production Launch)-
Throttle Cable Length-Engine Number (Production End)-
Front Brake Cable Length-

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