MOTO HACK: Weight Reduction Leaving the Good Points of the Normal. Not Too Flashy, But Better Z900RS Tiger!

12163eye.jpg Customized Motorcycle

Introducing the custom motorcycle that has been submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK Custom Motorcycle Contest" campaign!

Meet the custom motorcycle from Tacoyaki rider who rides the Z900RS.

Motorcycle and self-introduction

I got my mid-size license at the age of 17 and started riding XJ400D and many other motorcycles. I have also been into track riding on CBR400F and NSR250[88]. I also tried racing karts, but I stopped riding motorcycles when I was about 30 years old. I'm a 55 year old rider who suddenly wanted a motorcycle about 5 years ago and bought a used Vmax but didn't ride it much, and this year I bought a new motorcycle and my love for motorcycles has been awakened.

[Motorcycle introduction]
Kawasaki Z900RS Tiger, new in 2020.
I like the style, the sound of the straight 4, the lightweight and easy to handle.

Customization of the particulars

Choose good parts without spending a lot of money, so that it does not become flashy. Leave the good part of the normal and reduce the weight of the vehicle.

[Points that I think are cool]
Customization based on the normal black
64 titanium bolts and nuts for weight reduction and one point

[Points of change in performance]
Benefits from weight reduction. Acceleration, deceleration, and handling.

Custom Points

In order to improve the footing, the front was lowered 25mm and the rear was lowered 20mm.
Long tail, upper case KAWASAKI etc. classical style
But with homemade aluminum parts and carbon-like seals, it's one-of-a-kind!

PMC: Long tail cowl
Bought it because of the length of the tail. The tail tidy for the long tail was made of steel, so it was made of aluminum at the same time of ordering.

R'S Gear: Wyvan Classic R Single S Type Exhaust System Full titanium full exhaust system
The normal 11.7kg is 3.8kg and 7.9kg lighter, and the volume is a little quieter at idling, but when you raise the rpm, the sound quality is gradually higher and crisper. I haven't done anything other than the exhaust system but the power seems to have gone up a bit.

MOTO CORSE: Radiator core guard
It's the only one I can manage to get my hands on, so I bought it because it's expensive. It is made of titanium, strong and light, and is said to increase cooling efficiency.

BABYFACE: Frame slider
I didn't want to put it on, but I did as insurance. I put a carbon seal on some parts and changed 110mm bolt to titanium.

Doremi Collection: Fork cover emblem kawasaki
I wanted capital letters, so I went with Doremi! I didn't like the spacing of the letters, so I adjusted it.

SSK: Machined aluminum racing pillion footpeg
I was worried about Stryker, but I decided to buy this one. The construction is elaborate.

Trickstar: Lowdown kit
It's aluminum, thick, machined, cool!

Yoshimura sticker on the rear fender
Hard to stick, but fancy!
After degreasing, I applied the sticker and clear-coated it.

DIY aluminum pillion bar

DIY aluminum long tail tidy

OUTEX: Universal barrel-shaped aluminum silencer
The insert diameter is 60.8mm and it fits perfectly. However, it didn't come with a spring hook, so I mailed it to them specifying where to put it and they sent it to me quite quickly. That was very kind of them. Volume with a baffle. It's a bit louder than I expected, and the performance is the same. I'm happy with the way it looks and I like it! The diameter has changed from 100 to 80mm, so the mounting position has been lowered by 10mm and I had to work a bit harder to install it.

Sunstar: Premium Racing Rear Disc Rotors
I changed the rear Chromoly shaft so I could go along with it, but I honestly can't tell much about the braking.

OVERLOOK: Sprocket cover with changer assist
The shape is to your liking and the construction is exquisite!

Striker: Sports Touring Concept (STC) Footpeg Kit
For some reason, I chose black because the price is a bit cheaper and it is reverse changeable.

K's-Style: Frame cap
I bought it on the cheap and painted some kind of bolt-on it because it was too simple.

Kawasaki: Kawasaki emblem
It's so cool! Best thing I ever did was switch to this!

The position is a bit better up front.

U-Kanaya: GP Type Aluminum Billet Lever Set
It's got five levels of adjustment, which is a nice touch, and it looks great and I decided to go with the GOLD adjuster for a one-of-a-kind look.

Daytona: BSC Horizontal Mirror
I chose lighter and less aerodynamic than rearward vision.

I'm measuring each part! The chromoly shaft is a little bit heavier than the stock one, but I don't think it will affect too much because it is the center of rotation. The weight under the spring will increase just a little bit, but you won't be able to tell, and most importantly, the handling will be much better.

JB Power [Bito R&D]: Hollow chromoly rear axle shafts
JB Power [Bito R&D]: Hollow chromoly front axle shafts
This is the first time I have replaced this part. I changed the front and rear at the same time. It becomes a little easier to handle, but the stability at the time of corner entry is more important than anything else. I'd say it's the spasticity, the inconspicuous but reluctant part that makes such a difference, that's fantastic! If possible, I'd like to see all manufacturers make this a standard feature on this class of motorcycle.

Sunstar: Rear sprocket Duralumin
For now, I just changed the back, so it's the same 525 as stock. I changed the number to 41. The smaller size is lighter. I changed the nut to 64 titanium.

Homemade aluminum rear fender with too many holes drilled and damaged by vibration

Customization that I want to do in the future

I think the Ohlins rear suspension is the best.

Thanks for participating in our custom motorcycle contest, Tacoyaki rider! You will receive 500 points to use at Webike!

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