MOTO HACK: Customizing GROM with a Great Balance of Cost and Function for Track Riding!

Customized Motorcycle

Introducing the custom motorcycle that has been submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK Custom Motorcycle Contest" campaign!

Meet the custom motorcycle of Akki who rides the GROM (MSX-125).

Motorcycle and self-introduction

I've been riding motorcycles for about 30 years, since I got my license when I was 16. ZZR250→CBR250RR→ZZR400N1→ZZR1100D4→ZZR1100D7(12 years) and Grom(2 years)

Customization of the particulars

Initially, the customization was in the tourer direction, but I started to want to get better, so I'm proceeding with the specs aimed at track driving.

[Points that I think are cool]
I'm proud to say it's coming along nicely balanced, with a selection of cheap parts and no shortage of functionality!

[Points of change in performance]
Replacing the rear suspension is the best way to experience it. The position change also made it much easier to ride.

Custom Points

SP Takegawa Polygon Mirror
Beams SS300 Slip-on Silencer
Yoshimura Slip-on Silencer
Speed Brakes F/R Brake Hose
Yukanaya GP Type Billet Lever
Posh Face Bar Ends
Hurricane Forward Conch Handle
Posh Face Rearsets
Daytona Strengthened Shocks
Marunao Seat Reupholstering
Kitaco Tailtidy Kit
NGK Power Cables
DID Gold Chain
Shift Change Strengthening Parts
Under cowl
Shroud cover
Headlight cover
Engine slider

Fully OEM at the time of purchase.

Initially, it was in the tourer direction. I was satisfied with the minimal replacement of mirrors, seats, and other parts that didn't suit me to drive the OEM. But after replacing the exhaust system, I participated in a Moto Moto photo shoot, and that made me want to customize the motorcycle properly.

SP Takegawa Carbonish Polygon Mirror Set
Marunao Seat Reupholstering & Gel Pad Installation
Daytona Wind Shield SS
Beams SS300 Slip-on Silencer
Yoshimura's Optional Exhaust Pipe for Slip-on Silencer R-77S Cyclone
U-KANAYA GP Type Aluminum Billet Lever Set

I replaced the swingarm and chain for looks. I also replaced the lumpy and uncomfortable OEM shock with a reinforced shock!

With the OEM shock, my butt would scream after 20 minutes of riding because it was bouncing and hurting so much.

Tanaka Trading Swingarm with Stabilizer
DID SUPER Non-Seal Chain 420NZ3 Gold with Clip (RJ) Joint
Daytona Reinforced Rear Shock
Kitaco Tailtidy Kit

Installing a cheap under the cowl for looks! I also installed a cheap shroud cover, windscreen, and cheap pillion grips. I also changed the brake hose to a mesh hose.

Speedbrakes Rear Brake Hose + Fittings

I put carbon cutting sheet on the OEM rear fender. I made it look like a custom fender.

The rearsets was installed! It's very precise, and it's just so cool!

Posh Aluminum Machined Rearset

The upper body remains in an almost vertical position. Since it is 200mm back and 70mm up from OEM, I feel like I'm sitting on the floor.

By changing the handlebars, I can lean forward moderately. The positioning of the rearsets is no longer uncomfortable. The position became more natural.

It is a special product that can be installed without interfering with the tank and can be locked properly.

Hurricane Forward Continental 2 type Φ7/8-inch Handlebar
Posh Solid Type Bar End

It was difficult to shift into gear (especially N) and I was worried about the structure, so I installed the shift change strengthening parts and cheap engine sliders.
It works great, both functionally and mentally!

Mini-moto Shift Change Reinforced Parts 

Customization that I want to do in the future

▲This is my favorite photo ▲

I would like to change to a 5-speed transmission and replace the clutch cover to make it feel more light and easy to drive.

Thank you, Akki, for participating in our custom motorcycle contest! You will receive 500 points that can be used at Webike shopping!

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