MOTO HACK: Changing Rear Suspension Reduces Fatigue when Touring with my Buddy Yoshimura Color, Impulse 400!

12162eyejpg-768x576-1.jpg Customized Motorcycle

Introducing the custom motorcycle that has been submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK Custom Motorcycle Contest" campaign!

Meet the custom motorcycle from Impulse-Kun who rides the Impulse 400.

Vehicles and self-introduction

[Self introduction]
I think it was about two years ago now that I first became interested in motorcycles. A friend of mine at work, S-kun, is still doing the popular motoblogging, and he posted a video on YouTube. I first became interested in motorcycles when I happened to see one.

My long awaited first motorcycle! I've got an Impulse 400! It's a rare type, to be honest. The Impulse that you see often is the model GK79A, and many of them are produced and sold as used motorcycles even now.

My Impulse is "GK7CA", the last production model, and the number of production is small. The features are the changes around the gauges and the front brakes are made by Brembo. The ride height is a little lower than the cb400, so even for a short guy like me, the footing isn't bad.

The disadvantage is that it is a little expensive because it is a limited production and the distribution of the parts is small. The disadvantage of this model is the lack of parts compatibility and custom parts with the former "GK79A" model. After all, there are no Yoshimura exhaust system on the market today, so you'll have to make do with parts from other models that might be compatible.

I was reading a motorcycle magazine during a break, thinking about buying a cb400 at the nearby Red Baron, when a senior colleague asked me if I wanted a motorcycle. I'll give it to you for cheap". Although I was told beforehand that it was old and had been neglected for quite a while, I was given it as it was because it was in a surprisingly clean condition. At first I only thought of it as a means of transportation, but the more I drove it, the more I became attached to it, and now I think of it as my best partner.

It had been left on the bicycle parking lot at work for about three years, and although the senior staff had fixed the motorcycle to the point where it could pass inspection, there were still some bad parts that could be found if you looked for them. It's going to take a long time but I'm going to fix it little by little.

Customization of the particulars

I'm thinking of making it a well balanced custom for track, street, and mountain passes.

Custom Points


This is a photo before customization.

At this time, the motorcycle is stock except for the exhaust system, and the rear suspension has been changed by the previous owner or is a cheap suspension sold on Yahoo!

A little while later, at a track day, the instructor instructed me to change the rear suspension to YSS. Unlike the previous cheap suspension, the stability and vibration when driving has been reduced, which reduces fatigue when touring long distances. Item's stock number: rg362-330 trcl-37-b-jx

This is Daytona's blast shield. The stock cowl is crazy expensive, so I just use it for wind protection. The price is reasonable and it can be used for other motorcycles as long as the mounting part is changed.

The gold medal slash guard is on the engine part. It has a high defensive capacity as an engine guard, and the design is inconspicuous because there are various colors, and it can make a motorcycle look cooler. This means that when you fall over, the whole body of the motorcycles is not parallel to the ground and there is a small gap, which makes it easier to raise the motorcycle.

WR'S Battle Footpeg. This is best for those who want a little more bank angle, as the stock footpeg will step when banking. But please note that when you install the exhaust system, you have to buy the exhaust bracket which is sold separately.

Also, the pillion footpeg is gone, so it is not recommended for those who often ride with two people. There is some disassembly of the rear brakes during installation, so it may be a good idea to leave the installation to a shop.


Finally, a photo 1 to remember


Finally, a photo 2 to remember


Finally, a photo 3 to remember

Thank you, Impulse-kun, for participating in our custom motorcycle contest! You will received 500 points to spend at Webike.

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