MOTO HACK: A Matter of Recognizing Your Favorite GSX1400 with DAEG Cowl from Afar

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Introducing the custom motorcycles that have been submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK Custom Motorcycle Contest" campaign!

I'd like to introduce you to the custom motorcycle of Ebogon who rides the GSX1400.

Motorcycle and self-introduction

I've been riding motorcycles for 27 years, and I had 3 models of GSX1400's for 18 years, and my current motorcycle is a 2005 model with over 120,000km.

I prefer a naked motorcycle that is not too new and not too old, and easy to maintain, rather than an old motorcycle or the latest model.

I do basic maintenance such as customizing, oil changes, fork overhauls, tire changes, etc. I'm also proud of the fact that I do everything by myself, even though I'm not in the business of motorcycle and motorcycle maintenance or playing with machines.

Customization of the particulars

The direction I am aiming for is not the same customization as others, as the trend is to use the same parts for the same motorcycle model, but it's real customization that makes it your own personal machine, without overdoing it.

  • Do D.I.Y as much as possible without leaving it in the shop.
  • Don't make it a compilation of the same high street luxury parts as others.
  • Don't just put the parts on as they are, at least do some customization like changing colors.
  • Not partial differentiation, but total differentiation.
  • Model unknown is not acceptable.
  • Extremely flashy retrofitting parts is not acceptable.
  • Maintain the stock color that identifies the GSX1400 from a distance.
  • Make it easy to maintain
  • No customizations to increase power, as this will directly affect speeding.

[Points that I think are cool]
It's not too much, but it's still very GSX1400.

[Points of change in performance]
I've been on it so long I don't know anymore.

Custom Points

  • ZRX1200DAEG stock cowl transplant
  • Devil racing replica silencer + Yoshimura machined titanium cyclone exhaust pipe mirror polishing
  • Stock front forks modified
  • Rear Shock Advantage SHOWA Processing
  • Wheel Gale Speed typeR processing
  • Front Master NISSIN Cast Radial (Blue Cerakote, WPC treatment for inside and piston)
  • Front calipers, Brembo 4 pads
  • Rear caliper stock modified (blue gun coating, WPC treatment inside, DLC treatment on the piston)
  • Clutch master NISSIN cast radial modified (blue Cerakote, WPC treatment for internal and piston, pivot processing to change lever ratio)
  • Clutch release stock modified (WPC treatment inside the body, DLC treatment on the piston)
  • WR's Footpeg

This is the left side.

The two exhaust systems on each side are cool, but I like the look of the side without the exhaust system, so I prefer the single exhaust system on each side.

The swingarm reinforcement and under-cowl are not necessary, because the center stand is sometimes required for easy and troublesome daily maintenance or in case of trouble on the road. The swingarm is just a stock one painted with a gun coat and black.

The seats are genuine reupholstery. The color scheme was also designed to match the overall body color scheme. Because the stock seat position is lower than the original one, it shifts to the front when braking. I also had a bump made in the middle of the front of the rear seat to prevent passengers from slipping forward when pillion riding.

This is a general view from the diagonal front.

The DAEG stock cowl is mounted using the stock cowl bracket. When I had the top bridge and stem made, I had the threaded holes drilled so I could install them. Actually, I've been using this cowl since my second motorcycle, and this is the fourth cowl I've used since my accident, but I used to make and install cowl brackets by combining generic brackets from Home Depot.

The front forks are stock machined parts. Scuderia Okumura changed the inner tube to the blue rainbow, outer tube to black Kashima coat, and single-rate spring. The outer tube is fitted with a one-off carbon cover.

The front fenders are COERCE carbon fenders, which are fine as is but look cheap, so I had them painted with black clear paint over the top to make them black and shiny while retaining the carbon pattern.

The mirror is KIJIMA's TECH03 Mirror Blue Glass for newly certified vehicles.

I am often told that the devil has an exhaust system like this. This is not a one-off silencer with an emblem, this is an OEM devil racing replica silencer.

I'm a big fan of "customizing and installing parts without bolt-on", so this is how it looks. If you make a one-off silencer, you can make any kind of unusual silencer, however, I only use commercially available silencers because I am particular about the fact that they are rare because of their uncommon specifications.

Because short silencers are all the rage, I use the long ones instead of copying them. The unpolished titanium shell is polished to a mirror finish, baked, and sandblasted to create a pattern.

The rear shocks are Advantage Showa, and I just changed the color.

The rear disc rotors are Sunstar, unfortunately, it's just a bolt-on version.

  • Sunstar Premium Racing Rear Disc Rotors *Sold out

The rear calipers are stock, but the exterior has been gun-coated blue and the stock steel pistons have been treated with DLC to prevent rust.

The rearsets is a Double-Alls Battle Footpeg typeR with bearings, anodized in black, blue, and gold to match the overall image of the motorcycle.

I'm grafting a slightly earlier model tail cover onto an old devil racing replica. In transplanting, the cover was just plastic, so it was carbonized by Carbon Protect.

The silencer is a mature racing replica silencer that is far from the original devil sound, but since it has the Maverick inner baffle installed, it will pass the inspection as is.

I hate illegal explosive exhaust system, so I'm also very particular about being legal.
Also, the inner baffle effect gives a good amount of torque underneath without too much loss.

I am often asked, what is this caliper?

I wasn't going to adopt that brand because it's so common, but I like the ease of use and the touch, so I decided to shave off the logo and carve the SUZUKI logo to modify the look.

As for the caliper selection criteria, there is compatibility with the master, but more importantly, the dust seal and non-steel pistons are a must because you can't take it apart and clean it every time you ride. Well, there are those who say that you can get away without a dust seal, but that doesn't mean that you should buy an expensive one that moves better, but it looks better. The processing made this one quite expensive in the end.

This caliper has a dust seal and the piston is aluminum with Kashima coating. So it is rust free and you don't have to worry about maintenance. It's perfect for the easy motorcycle maintenance you're aiming for.

I've used a lot of pads and so far the ZCOO typeC is my favorite.

The disc rotors are Sunstar Premium Racing.

This is Gale Speed typeR. It was originally polished, but I made it black because it was too much trouble to polish. It just washes better and I'm glad I did it because I don't like the fancy glittery polish.

I anodized it black over sandblasting, so it's matte black. And the wheel covers are applied to make it racy.

The attachment is anodized blue to match the body color.

Some of the spokes are red to imitate a four-wheel wheel.

Gale Speed Forged Aluminum Wheel [TYPE-R] Rear Glass Coating

The three shafts are Chromoly. The front is made by Radical. I don't like green chromate, so I made it black by Raydent treatment. You can't see it.

The swingarm pivot and the rear are one-off works because they are not available on the market.

The chain is Enuma's ThreeD, and I don't use chain lube, and I rarely clean it with cleaner, I just spray penetrating lubricant on it and wipe it off every time I ride it, but it's not dirty and hardly stretches, and I've already used it for over 70,000km.

The drivin' sprocket is a special steel one from Gale Speed, but the color is like nickel plating. I really like it because it's steel, it's thin, and it's very durable.

I don't think the mounting position and coloring of the DAEG cowl is out of place.

The simultaneous addition of louvers for the DAEG and light covers for the JP-akai made it look scary.

The master cylinder is a cheap cast radial, but it's cheaper to buy a high quality one. However, the clutch side in particular has become the lightness of the operation feeling equivalent to a high-grade product, and the satisfaction that it was custom made is higher than the pimping of a high-grade product.

The exhaust pipe is Yoshimura machine bent titanium cyclone, but the image of titanium without shine is different, so I had it mirror polished and baked blue color which is not so common in the commercial products. The silencer port on the Yoshimura has a weird angle, so I asked Wheelie Kids in Suzuka to make an off-the-shelf titanium adapter to connect to the devil.

The stock oil cooler has not been replaced because it has a larger capacity than the external one. Since the oil line is a custom that is often seen in other motorcycle models when it is a side turn of the engine, I added a thermostat in the middle as a countermeasure against overcooling in the winter as the shortest turn of the back of the exhaust pipe as the stock so that it does not stand out so that it does not become too much.

The oil cooler guard looks to be made by a Taiwanese company called VAM.
Other manufacturers are stainless steel, so even if I wanted black, I would have to think about painting it, but this one is made of aluminum, so I could make it black by anodizing.

It is equipped with radio clock, shift indicator, oil temperature gauge, voltmeter, digital fuel meter, grip heater and i-con3. In addition to the EL meter, we also installed LEDs under the master cylinder tank to illuminate the blue fluid and give the cockpit a consistent lighting look. I enjoy going into the tunnels.

This is a normal GSX1400.

It's a sticking point that I've kept this stock color so the motorcycle model isn't unknown in its current form (maybe not even that because of the DAEG cowl, but I don't like round-eyed bikinis). If you paint the whole thing and give it a completely different livery, it won't look like a GSX1400, and the livery alone will make it look like a great custom motorcycle.

It's important to be able to recognize your favorite GSX1400 from afar.

Customization that I want to do in the future

There is no end to it, so I'm wrapping it up. If I had to say anything, it would be to modify the look of the rear shock.

Thank you, Ebogon, for participating in our custom motorcycle contest! You will receive 500 points to use at Webike for introducing your motorcycle!

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