The Yamaha Design I Love Most. Enjoy the 2-stroke with Modern Style! [MOTO HACK]

1214eye.jpg Customized Motorcycle

Introducing the custom motorcycle that has been submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK Custom Motorcycle Contest" campaign!

Meet the custom motorcycle from SIDO who rides the TZR250R.

Vehicles and self-introduction


I've always loved machines and was passionate about customizing motorcycles, but at the age of 26, a friend invited me to get my regular motorcycle license, and this year I got my large motorcycle license after a one-shot test (6th time w) at the license center. I am a do-it-yourself person, even painting and engine overhaul.

Motorcycle history
My vehicle history is YZF-R125('10) -> TZR250RS('92) -> RZ125('84) -> YZF-R6('19), and now I have two vehicles, TZR and R6.

When I bought my 2nd replica, I chose the TZR because I like the Yamaha design best. The difference from the STD model is the pre-regulation 45ps motorcycle with dry clutch only.

Customization of the particulars

As a basic premise, we have not made any modifications to the mainframe and main harness so that you can quickly return it to stock original condition. It is made to be able to be pimped out. On top of that, we aim to create a 2nd motorcycle with modern looks.

[Points that I think are cool]
The 90's racer replica has a very low seat height, but with the YZF-R1 stock seat and original seat rails, it has a modern look with a very strong forward lean.

[Points of change in performance]
I especially like how the seat cowl extends sharply to the rear and the headlight is a twin-lens projector.

Custom Points


This is the exterior at the time of purchase.

The body color was originally a shop original paint. (I've already changed the front brake master, brake hoses, rear suspension, and rearsets.)


Initial adjuster C type (Öhlins upright fork)

By replacing the front fork with one for the SPR, we were able to add this adjuster. I recommend it because the knobs are made smaller and the top bridge area is less clunky.

32W 3000lm LED Headlight/Fog Light Conversion Kit H7

I bought these LED headlights in 2014 which are now discontinued. I originally used it on my R125, but I transplanted it here when I got rid of the motorcycle. The headlight itself is a genuine R1 product, so the Hi/It lights up both Lo. It is very bright and has the long life that only LED can provide. The heat sink at the rear of the LED contacts the stem when the handlebar is turned fully, so the heat sink is partially cut off.

The headlight stay is welded and stayed in the original shape so that the stock TZR meter can be used in the stock position and the stock R1 headlight and cowl can be fixed.

Hollow chromoly shaft

I installed it along with the front fork SPR conversion. This alone will increase the stiffness of the front end considerably. It is now easier to set up a fully adjustable suspension. The rear also has the same JB POWER hollow chromoly shaft.

The whole front fork also has a black Kashima coating on the outer tube and a re-plated + purple black coating on the inner tube (processed by Toyo Hardening), which I think helps to tighten the whole thing up.

If the cowl is different, the shape of the seat rail is also different, so I made my own seat rail by machining aluminum angle and flat bar.

It was difficult to locate the holes to fix the R1 seat cowl, but it was really difficult to locate the stock locking mechanism to fix the single seat cover. But it was worth the effort because it locks and unlocks properly. It won't fly away by wind or vibration! (Confirmed by bullet touring to Aomori Prefecture)

On the TZR, the seat rail is welded to the mainframe up to the bottom of the main seat and is an integral part of the seat rail. To fix the later part, I welded up the stock subframe and inserted it inside through the hole for fixing the R1 up exhaust system and hung the seat rail. Of course, I covered the hole to prevent water from getting in.

The tail tidy style license plate bracket is also made by myself with an aluminum plate.

Rear Suspension Monoshock NTR R2 Series

The stock shocks were missing, so I put in NITRON shocks, although they are an earlier model than the current ones. Of course, the performance is unquestionable, and I think Ohlins has the dominant market share in this field, so I can recommend it to people who are looking for something different. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but I love the spring blue, it's such a beautiful color.

With the R1 exterior and TZR tank cover, the side of the oil tank is bare, so I made a cover out of 1mm thick aluminum sheet and put 3M carbon sheet on it. It hides the wiring, protects the oil tank, and increases the lacy look.

Customization that I want to do in the future

I would change the wheels if I could get the budget.

EXACTII RACING10 Full Forged Aluminum Wheels

Having said that, it's one motorcycle that you'll want to keep driving forever, with good regular maintenance including the engine.

Thanks for participating in our custom motorcycle contest, SIDO! You will receive 500 points to use at Webike!

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