MOTO HACK: GIVI 43L Rear Box Carrier Extension for a Cramp-free Seat When Pillion Riding

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2012 DUKE200

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This the solution to the problem of insufficient carrier length when installing the GIVI E43NTLD 43L. If I installed it as is, my pillion rider would be quite cramped.

The GIVI E43NTLD 43L is a big rear box with great storage capacity, but it is too short for any kind of carrier for the DUKE 200 and makes the pillion seat quite cramped when installed.

So I wondered if I could use some kind of strong metal to extend it, and I thought this might be a good idea.

I was not sure whether to put it vertically or horizontally, but if it is horizontal, I can hang a hook here when I put a big net from the top, so it may not be cool, but it is useful when I put camping equipment.

It's easy to install, as long as you attach the ties tightly.

I didn't know if I should cut off the end handle coil, but I thought it might be useful, so I left it as it is.

I had enough space to sit down. I've removed the GIVI backrest and stored my raincoat in a 100-weight case.

Customization that I want to do in the future

Since I have a lot of electrical equipment, I might want to switch to LED headlights to save power.

Thank you, KTM DUKE 200 rider, for participating in the custom motorcycle contest! You will receive 500 points to spend at Webike!

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