MOTO HACK: FTR223 in Black with a Shade of Red! Even DIY Customizing Can Make Such Difference!

Customized Motorcycle

Introducing the custom motorcycles that have been submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK Custom Motorcycle Contest" campaign!

I'd like to introduce you to the custom motorcycle of Yopi (KCR002) who rides the FTR223.

Motorcycle and self-introduction


I've been riding for two years and am a true amateur. My interest in motorcycles started three or four years ago when I happened to see a motorcycle on a website that I thought looked cool. Wanting to change my life, I decided to ride a motorcycle, got my license, and bought a motorcycle (Honda FTR223) two years ago. I've spent as much time as I can get on my motorcycle since then, and I've done as much customization as I can on my FTR223 with the idea of "riding the motorcycle I want to ride. (D.I.Y. except for tire changes)

I'm looking forward to riding around town, architecture, traveling, and solo camping with this motorcycle.

[Motorcycle Introduction]

HONDA FTR223 Flat track racer with colors from dirt track racer. This is a motorcycle that goes around off-road tracks that are not paved. If you are a beginner who wants to ride both on the street and on mountain roads, this is the perfect motorcycle for you. And for amateurs who want to make custom modifications from the OEM motorcycle, this was a motorcycle that would be relatively easy to get into. (Needless to say, the trial and error never ended.)

The motorcycle's distinctive features include a slim, small 7.2-liter fuel tank and 18-inch block pattern tires for track use.

This is the motorcycle that got me interested in motorcycles.

Commitment to customization


The OEM color of the fuel tank and front fenders (virgin beige) and the red of the rear suspension (calipers are painted red) are used as a color scheme. (Gold for the chain and exhaust pipe, silver for the silencer.) Additional driving signs such as hazards, passing lights, and position lights were installed. The lights have been changed to LED for better visibility and design. Equipped with heated grips and drum recorder. The so-called neo-classic.

[Points of change in performance]
The main jet, spark plug, air filter, drivetrain sprocket, and silencer have been changed to achieve the desired speed, torque, and exhaust sound. Rear brake shoes have been replaced to make brake turns from the rear lock easier to handle.

Before Custom

When I bought the used motorcycle, the rest of the parts is still OEM except for the exhaust system. The silver-plated mirror is standing up.

There are so many things I want to do. The logo on the fuel tank is small and cute. The OEM tank cap is silver plated.

I have a lot of work to do. The rear fender is extended...

Custom point introduction

DENSO: Iridium Power Plug IX24B
SUNSTAR: Front Sprocket
XAM: Rear Aluminum Sprocket Color Anodized Order
DID: VX Series Chain 520VX3 Gold
K&N: Dry Charger
K&N: Breather Filter

The handlebars are also painted in black to create a sense of unity. I painted the meter and the top of the front forks. Boots were installed on the moving parts of the front forks. I changed the handlebars to black. I changed the headlight to an LED projector light with a squid ring. Mirrors are placed on the lower side of the handlebars to give the motorycle the droopy-eared look of a clip-on handlebar cafe racer.

KIJIMA: Front Fork Boots
DRC: 161 Off-road Mirror

The logo on the fuel tank has been increased in size. However, balance is important. This is because the fuel tank will look rounder without the flange. The OEM front fender was cut off at the end and sides to make a short fender. The short fenders, along with the exposed rear suspension, add to the simplicity of the single cylinder. The seat tail is tail tidy and neatly tucked away. Only the seat rails are permanently installed, and the cargo bed is attached for solo camping and another loading without compromising practicality. Only the rear tires were replaced to make them wider.

KIJIMA: Rear Carrier Black

The engine and carburetor are painted with DAYTONA heat-resistant paint spray in semi-gloss black, giving it the austere look of a SL steam locomotive.

DAYTONA: Heat-resistant paint spray semi-gloss black

Select oval taper type air filter instead of round straight type.
The main jet is #145. Equipped with crankcase breather hose with K&N breather filter. Changed the choke to a pull lever and went wireless.

K&N: Custom Air Filter Oval Taper Type
K&N: Breather Filter

The battery box under the seat houses the lithium-ion battery, the drum recorder itself, and a 2-port USB quick charger, with a horn and drum recorder rear camera at the rear. The tail and brake lights are located behind the seat with LED tape lights, and the blinkers are the same as the front sequential blinkers (with daytime running lights). The rear fender is tail tidy, but the 18-inch stainless steel fender is bolted on with one-off bracket (D.I.Y.) to line up with the tires. The chain guard and license plate bracket are also bolted on with one-off bracket (D.I.Y.).

AZ Battery: ITZ5S-FP] AZ lithium-ion battery

Changed the handlebars to HURRICANE's BM Continental Type 3 Black. Changed the switch housing to have a hazard and passing lights. A separate switch next to it turns on the fog lights. New mirrors with heated grips, bar-end indicators with position lights, short levers, and LED sequential indicators with position lights on the underside of the handlebars.

HURRICANE: BM Continental 3 Type Φ7/8-inches Handlebar Steel
KIJIMA: Grip Heater GH10
ROUGH&ROAD: RALLY490 Short Lever Set

Customization I would like to do in the future

I am planning to make a tank bag and body bag. Someday, I would like to use Honda GL1000 as a base vehicle for my customization, paying homage to cafe racers such as DA7 BMW R100R diamond atelier motorcycle that inspired me.

Thank you Yopi (KCR002) for participating in our custom motorcycle contest! You will receive 500 points to spend at Webike! 

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