MOTO HACK: CBR954RR Distinction with Additional Shining Features

Customized Motorcycle

Introducing the custom motorcycle that has been submitted to the Webike Community "MOTO HACK Custom Motorcycle Contest" campaign!

Meet the custom motorcycle from "DaWu" who rides the CBR954RR.

Vehicles and self introduction

[Self introduction]
I'm an old man in my mid 50's and I ride solo most of the time. As for the motorcycle history, I acquired a moped, a small size, a medium size license from 17 years old, and rode step by step 50cc ⇒ 80cc ⇒ 125cc ⇒ 400cc, and after I had a child, I owned 250cc for a long time, but the opportunity to ride decreased, and I acquired a large size license at the age of 50 years old through a blank, and I bought a Yamaha MT-07 after a blank. I bought a Yamaha MT-07 for rehabilitation. Changed the exhaust system, but the power and the feeling of ownership were not enough. (I became a Honda rider for the first time in my life in the middle of 50)


I bought a used CBR954RR (SC50). It is lightweight and has good braking, acceleration and cornering. The power performance and suspension that I felt was lacking in my previous motorcycle has improved dramatically, the design is cool and the sense of ownership is sufficient and I am satisfied. I think that the performance is not as good as the recent SS, but this is enough for an old man over 50 who does not ride the track.

Customization of the particulars

It does not spoil the good appearance of the normal one, but adds a shining point to differentiate it. Do not make any modifications that may damage the motorcycle body or engine.

[Points that I think are cool]
It's cool enough in stock form, but the age of the bodywork gives it an aged look.

[Points of change in performance]
Only a part of the appearance is changed, so the performance of the bike itself is not changed. (It's a full-powered, energetic engine, but it's unchanged from its original potential.

Custom Points

One point is needed

Brand: Impact
Product name: Initial adjuster

The shape somewhat resembles a water faucet, which is actually a bit frustrating, but the blue color looks great as a single point against the red/black of the body. (Tricolor?). At a gas station, I was asked by a clerk, "Can you adjust it by turning this? In fact, it is easier to use a tool to adjust it because it is hard to turn with the initial adjuster and it hurts your hand. (The motorcycle body is old and may lack maintenance...)

[Before the change (2)] The swingarm has screw holes from the beginning, so if I don't add anything, it looks like the parts have fallen off and I feel a little disappointed.

Brand: Impact
Product name: Rear stand hook (Webike's listing is no longer available.) It was sold out.

It is made of the same impact as the initial adjuster and is the same color (blue). The matching blue color looks great. If you don't put anything on the swingarm, it will look like a part has fallen off, and you will want to put something on it, such as hooks or sliders.

Brand: Moriwaki Engineering
Item Name: Oil Filler Cap

The color is titanium gold to match the color of the titanium exhaust system. It is inconspicuous, but I like it casually.

Customization that I want to do in the future

I've been considering changing the exhaust system since I first bought it, but most of the exhaust system that fit seem to lose low-speed torque as they release more power, making it harder to ride on the street and annoying the neighbors with the noise. After that, I'd like to make a few changes to it while parts are still available and enjoy it.

Thank you, DaWu, for participating in our custom motorcycle contest! You will received 500 points to spend at Webike.

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