MOTO HACK: Replacing Disc Wheels of JOKER 50/90 into LEAD 90!

Customized Motorcycle


Here's a fascinating motorcycle hack from "FAZER Black", from the Webike Community "MOTO HACK" campaign! FAZER will introduce the OEM diversion technique of LEAD 90 that he understands well because he is the owner!

FAZER brief self-introduction


LEAD 90 has a comfortable position, large helmet housing space, and flat stepboard where you can put your luggage on. I have been on several motorcycles for neighborhood shopping as an alternative of going on foot. At that time, it stood out like a crown among other vehicles because of its calm design which was preferred by older people.

It was a vehicle that had few custom parts and the majority of owners often drove it as is. There was a craze among some enthusiasts to replace the LEAD 50 with a LEAD 90 engine. HONDA began selling a new category of scooter, the JOKER 50/90, called the American Scooter, which was a scooter with the exception of the exterior, and the engine was appropriated from the LEAD 50/90 undercarriage. So, it was the undercarriage that caught much attention.

HACK's brief description

The silver-bright disc wheel, an OEM parts of the JOKER 50/90 has also a standout design, with a custom look. As a dress-up parts, I'll show you how you can replace it with the LEAD 90 as is.

Parts, tools, and other things needed for this HACK

Parts name: Wheel sub-assembly (Front)
Parts number: 44650-GCK-000

Parts name: Wheel sub-assembly (Rear)
Parts number: 42650-GCK-000

Tools required for wheel installation and removal

  • Box-end wrench
  • Socket wrench
  • Screw driver

HACK method, explanation, work procedure, etc.

The front wheel can be removed by loosening the axle shaft nut and removing the shaft. Replacing the rear wheel requires the removal of the exhaust system. The exhaust gasket is provided.

HACK's summary

It's nice to see such a difference in appearance just by replacing the disc wheels. The front disc can be bolt-on, as is. You can also swap out the LEAD wheels for the JOKER.

The front disc can be bolt-on on as is.

Thank you, FAZER Black, for sharing this valuable OEM diversion HACK!

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