MOTO HACK: Modifying VT250 Spada with Dragstar Fork Protectors for the Latest Retro-naked Look!

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I will introduce the fascinating motorcycle hack from "Commuters", who rides the HONDA VT250 Spada, from the Webike Community "MOTO HACK" campaign! He will introduce the OEM diversion technique of VT250 Spada, which he understands well because he is the owner!

Brief Self-introduction

I'm riding a fairly old VT250 Spada, modifying it to my liking.

  • Motorcycle Introduction
    HONDA VT250 Spada (Spada Commuter Rapid Edition)
  • How I usually enjoy my motorcycle
    I'm basically an OEM enthusiast, so I won't make any major modifications that would compromise the rideability of the motorcycle. I will not reduce the durability of my motorcycle. If I can find a higher-performance component, I will change it aggressively.

A brief description of this HACK

I am using the YAMAHA Dragstar fork protector for HONDA VT250 Spada. I couldn't find a universal external product that has a tie-wrap fastening, and it's not very durable or easy to look at, so I looked for OEM press-fit type with the same inner tube diameter that I could use.

First of all, HONDA has already extinct (discontinued) the 37mm diameter models, and from a little research, none of them were ever fitted with fork guards.

After checking various things, it looks like the YAMAHA DS250 fork protector of approximately the same diameter will fit.
I ordered it as soon as possible and put it on during the overhaul.

Parts, tools and others things needed for this HACK

OEM parts to use

  • Fork protector for Yamaha DS250 Parts number: 5JX-2331G-00
  • Required 2 fork protectors for both sides
  • Other items that can be struck without damaging plastic parts, such as plastic handlers.
  • I used the 1 USD rubber hammer shown in the photo.

HACK method, explanation, work procedure, etc.

The procedure, or rather just fitting it, is quite difficult to do at first. During the overhaul, I left the outer fork alone and pounded it in with a rubber hammer over the entire circumference, but when I hit one side, it came right off and it was difficult to press it in.

So I fit the whole thing in a little bit evenly, and finally I tapped it in hard and pressed it in. Once I got it on, the plastic rings in the press-fit area seemed to stretch, so it was a little easier to remove and re-fit. It's not much to remove, though.

The disadvantage is that you can only fit it when you do a complete overhaul, but the advantage of an external part is that it can be easily retrofitted without it, so we recommend using the OEM one from the point of durability and appearance.

Hack Summary

I was concerned about the protection effect due to its overall compact size, but it's perfect. Even when riding in the rain, the range of the protector is not directly hit by the rain and there is virtually no evidence of any wet marks. There is obviously less dirt that piles up on the seals, although there are many other things that stick to it over the distance.

It's a small, inexpensive part, but it's a functional part and it looks surprisingly different. Together with another custom modified multi-reflector headlight, the motorcycle appearance has been changed from being a bit dull to a modern retro-naked look.

Also, the durability of the seal is longer, probably because there is less dirt on the inner tube stroke area. In my usage, the oil leakage of the brake side seal was occurring at about 15,000 km before the installation, but after the installation, there is no sign of leakage even after riding the same distance. Still, I would overhaul it within 20,000km.

The oil leaks in the absence of scratches on the inner lining would be mainly caused by dirt getting trapped in the seals, so the effect is definitely there.

Thank you, Commuters, for sharing this valuable OEM diversion HACK!

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