MOTO HACK: Customizing Decals to the Front Cowl of the ’20 Ninja 1000!

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Here's a fascinating story from "Bare-handed Grounder" who rides on his Ninja 1000, from the Webike Community "Moto Hack" campaign! He told us about the OEM diversion technique of Ninja 1000, which he knows well because he's the owner.

Brief Self-introduction

  • Motorcycle Introduction

I bought this motorcycle at the Kawasaki PLAZA store in the Kanto area, and I've been riding it up until now. I decided to go with this Ninja 1000 because I had previously driven the same type of motorcycle in a '12, which was changed after '17 and the design was more or less to my liking. The first thing that comes to my mind is the design. The reason is that the forward lean was not as tight as the SS and it was easy to use for touring purposes.

The other thing is that the price was reasonable for a lot of electronic controls being installed. I'm satisfied with the size, power and ease of handling of the motorcycle.

Basically, I didn't have a problem with it at all because I don't care about fuel economy when I ride a big motorcycle. I've been riding 4-stroke since I was a student, but I still like the 4-cylinder!

  • How I usually enjoy my motorcycle

I use it mainly for touring, and customization. For touring, I'm either going to a nearby place with friends or going camping touring a few times a year or not.

I'm not a fan of too many long distances.

As for customization, I tend to prefer to be a little flashy, and maybe it's an unconscious desire to stand out. I like the specs being shown when riding it even at a glance....

A brief explanation of this HACK

I used the OEM parts of the Ninja 1000 ('20 model year) and put one point decal on the Ninja 1000 ('18 model year).

Parts, tools, and things are needed for this HACK

Parts name: Pattern, Upper Cowling, LH and Pattern, Upper Cowling, RH
Parts number: 56076-1021 and 56076-1022
Required quantity: 1 each

HACK method, explanation, work procedure, etc.

I applied the decals to the front cowl of the '20 Ninja 1000, which had a minor model change, to the '18 black model. The shape of the relevant part has not changed and it was attached without any problem.

All you have to do is position it and apply it by degreasing it with alcohol or something else before you apply it.


It's nice to have a one-point line to differentiate it from the rest at a glance!

None in particular.

The cost is lower than the painting, so it seems to be more cost-effective for self-satisfaction.

Thank you, Bare-handed Grounder, for sharing this valuable OEM diversion HACK!

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