MOTO HACK: Customizing SEROW 250 with Double Front Fenders!

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Here's a fascinating MOTO HACK from "Tsuchii" who rides the SEROW 250, from the Webike Community MOTO HACK Campaign!

Tsuchii will be introducing the OEM diversion technique for the SEROW 250, which he understand well because he is the owner!

Tsuchii brief self-introduction

I'm Tsuchii, 30, fascinated with my SEROW 250!

My motorcycle life was full of off-road riding, but at my age, I have detuned my motorcycle in spite of buying a SEROW. Covering my inability to stop myself with the machine makes me a different kind of SEROW rider, lol.

MOTO HACK brief description

I added the TRICKER lightness on-road performance to the SEROW 250, and added OEM parts of different brands as a synergistic effect to enjoy cornering. Yes, I changed it from 21-inch to 19-inch front fenders.

Exactly the TRICKER has an orange rim, which can be used (front disc is not included), so it is almost a bolt-on without any discomfort. It is a new "Serocker", which means SEROW + TRICKER! Personally, I call it the Bronco Serocker.

Parts, tools and other things needed for this HACK

Just change the above rim assembly and the front discs to larger diameter for the SEROW and shaft-on instead of bolt-on. Basically, it's complete.

XG250 TRICKER (5XTB, 2014)
Parts Name: Rim (2.15-16)
Parts Number: 94421-16006

Parts Name: Spoke set, rear
Parts Number: 5XT-25304-00

Parts Name: 5XT-25311-10
Parts Number: Hub, rear

[In case of using aftermarket parts]
Parts Name: Zi-gram Rotor F
Parts Number: W51-10336

I have also modified the front fender.

YAMAHA blue, which is not found in the SEROW, is processed by clicking the OEM parts of the XT250X and scraping the squid head part.

XT250X (5C11, 2006)
Parts Name: Fender, Front
Parts Number: 3C5-21511-30

HACK method, explanation, work procedure, etc.

In addition, I also double-mounted the OEM TRICKER front fenders for fun since I want to aim for a desert monster. Simply changing from F21-inch to 19-inch will make the front forks stands up and quicker. I was able to extend the fork cap bolts upward, change the protrusion and lay it down, achieving both lightness of 19-inch while retaining the essence of SEROW.

Selection-made vehicle height increase kit for front

HACK Summary

The result of imitating the "Monster of the Desert"...(^. ^). It's a bit of a sight to behold, but the riding is indeed straightforward.

If you put a little closer of on-road tires, this is the completion of the city communicator, Bronco Serocker! It is even more compact and easier to ride!

Parts Name: GP210(80/100-19 49P WT) Front
Parts Number: 107790

It's a great way to show off your abilities when you're riding through a tough mountain pass. No, it's more fun to ride it and really fun to cross mountains. Of course, it's not off-road, but it's on-road.

Take a closer look! Other places that might be relevant are listed below:

OEM F-Spring for XT-X (Part #: 5C12314100)
Y'S GEAR Power Beam (Part No. 3C5211H00000)
DRC: Silicon Fork Boot Type S (Black)

After going through all this, it's in the realm of completion.

Thanks for sharing the valuable OEM diversion HACK, Tsuchii!

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