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Did you know that you can convert the SUZUKI GIXXER headlight to a round type?

The GIXXER is one of the most popular motorcycles sold by SUZUKI. I previously featured the GIXXER in the Webike Motoreport and all I remember that it was a fun bike that was just good for commuting and riding for fun.

I would like to introduce a new style of GIXXER that I have discovered! This is a custom method that you should know, not only for the owners of GIXXER but also for those who are planning to buy them.

That's ... a rounded headlight!! The GIXXER headlight is an inverted triangle and a slightly insect-like shape.

This is the STD headlight.

I will replace it daringly. It’s a new style like never before, but it is unexpectedly cool!

This is the actual figure after it was replaced with a round headlight.

How is it? Isn't it cool?

While maintaining the sporty appearance, it has been finished in a cool atmosphere like an old naked motorcycle. Let's compare by taking a close-up look at the headlight part.

▲ After replacement

Even it has been replaced to the round headlight, there is no sense of incongruity and it's excellent finishing. Even just replacing the headlight, the atmosphere of the GIXXER has changed drastically, and cool.

What are the necessary parts for GIXXER round headlight?

There aren't many products needed in order to apply this style.
・Round Headlight housing for SUZUKI GIXXER (Fiberworks)
・Headlight Assembly (SUZUKI OEM Parts)
・Headlight Fixing Bolt (SUZUKI OEM Parts)

Only these are needed! That's all!

Moreover, with regard to headlight assembly, it seems that SUZUKI exclusive headlight for models such as “Bandit 1250, GSX1400, SV1000, SV650” can be used. The headlight assembly for SV650 is used for the GIXXER introduced this time.

The wiring has only changed its layout without processing. It can be installed by bolt-on.

If you want to make a difference with other GIXXER, this custom is good!

The normal style is also good, but it might be perfect for those who “get bored of the GIXXER appearance” or “I want to customize it in a different direction from other people!”. Moreover, there are not many requirement products and processing, it seems to be pretty easy.

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