Z1000MK2 Special Build Machine

Customized Motorcycle

KANJI, the Chinese lettering applied everywhere in the black-out appearance and painted as if they were fighter jets.
It was reminiscent of the STD image by purposely designed the two exhaust systems in the left and right to the STD wheel.
The Restore 1970s specification is designed to make the street light with a low-key custom.

2017 Concept Model Specification Details
ExhaustPMC Cross 4 in 2 Megaphone Black Chromium
CarburetorKEIHIN CR31 Black Specification
FrameAfter blast processing, Hard Enamel Urethane Coating
Billet Lay Down Kit (Black Anodized Specification)
SwingarmPMC Round Swingarm with Stabilizer
Front ForkSTD
Rear ShockYSS Z362
Front WheelSTD
Rear WheelSTD
Front BrakeKZ Trench Cut Disc Rotor
STD Caliper
Nissin Radial Casting Classic
Rear BrakeKZ Trench Cut Disc Rotor
STD Caliper
Nissin Rear Master Cylinder
HandlebarPMC S2 Closed Handlebar (Black Chromium Specification)
STD Type・Handle Switch
FootpegJMC Rear Footpeg (Black Paint Specification)
PMC Rear Master Kit
PaintSpecial Paint Specification (Painted by Rustic)
SeatWith Stopper Specification

Original Source[ PMC ] (*Japanese)

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