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To commemorate the 46th machine of the year (MOTY) held at the end of the last year 2018, "YOUNG MACHINE" magazine and YOSHIMURA's collaborator, Special MONKEY125 was born. It has been exhibited at Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2019 at YOSHIMURA Booth on March 22 to 24 and among MOTY voting participants, one lucky person who can get this MONKEY is decided at the venue! The final series of delivering the 1 Special MONKEY production design to the world with a documentary is a coating process that protects your motorcycle from dirt and deterioration.The CR-1 finished with 100% glass composition has one and only function but.....

The effect lasts permanently because the material is extremely stable!!

The Special MONKEY production by the collaboration of YOSHIMURA x YOUNG MACHINE magazine has finally ended.It would be possible to preserve the brilliance of this new motorcycle permanently for a custom finish.

The best thing to do is to coat the whole body.Anyway, I want to perfrom a treatment not only glossy exterior parts but also the surface of satin and parts exposed to high heat such as engines.

It is only possible to do this with a CR-1 coated with 100% glass component.Well, I decided to ask for the application immediately.

The application procedure itself is simple in appearance.Remove the dirt, polish and wash before applying the coating.In fact, it seems that there is a skilled trick.It is possible to install not only in a new motorcycle but also possible in an overuse model if the application process is done by professional.

It is not a radiance that was glaring but the deep glossiness is increased.Even with satin, it is moist and deep-colored because it is possible to follow up a very thin coating.It has a heat-resistant temperature of 1300°C or higher because it is a 100% glass component.It exists semi-permanently as long as it is not machined out.This time the service charge is 52,920 yen.By the way, Mr. Ryu Yoshida of the YAMASHIRO CR Business Group was in charge of the application process.At the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, he appeared as a professor in a white coat.His favorite motorcycle is RZ-R and others.

I am very satisfied with the results! What's most impressive was the application to the YOSHIMURA straight pipe with the highest heat resistance and has a matte painting.From the word coating, there are some concerned that glossy matte may occur but because CR-1 film is very thin and 1mm of about 10,000 minutes, it is possible to follow the fine irregularities of the satin, the texture of the appearance is almost unchanged.

I am looking forward to seeing the delighted face winner of the Special MONKEY.


The Preparation Plan is 80% in applying a film coating!

[Wiping] First, wipe off the dust.Especially on the painted side, felt it without force to take the entangled fibers of the microfiber towel.The first step of "Preparation Plan 80%".

[Polishing] Polish the tank with a polisher.Even when stored indoors, if someone touches it by rubbing clothes, a slight scratched may be caused.He is going to make a smooth surface to it.

[Washing] Rinse away any dust or compound that has reached the surface at the time of polishing.Let the coating agent accustomed to the surface after treatment with a Hydrophilic Accelerant (the reverse of water repellant) and allow to dry it.

Now, let's make a film coating!

[Step 1] Use a very fine-mesh cloth for application.If it contains liquid, wipe it with a dry cloth after looking at the timing (there is a trick here).This is process by CR-1 personnel (Personnel Coating Agent Marketed by YAMASHIRO/ 8023 yen) but it is possible if you experience it.

[Step 2] Spray the liquid agent by using an air gun to the uneven part.The liquid reacts with the moisture in the air to form a coating, so a special device is required to remove water in the air coming out of the compressor.This process does not require a dry wiping.

Done! This will be delivered with confidence to the winner!

The glossy part like the tank deeply increases.t is also easy to do the knee grip because it is a coating of anti-slip 100% glass component (touchable close to the glass tableware).

By the way, the right half part of this sample has been completed.If you rub the carbon powder and stroke it with a cloth, in the case of no application surface it can be seen that the powder that infiltrates into the painted surface remains.

Coverage Cooperation: YAMASHIRO CO., LTD. CR-1 ☎03-5691-2939 https://www.cr-1.jp/


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