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“More Like the KATANA”! “Short Fuel Tank Cover, GT Tail Cowl” for New KATANA Appeared!


OHNO-SPEED, which manufactures a lot of original parts of SUZUKI’s legend motorcycle “KATANA”, has released long-awaited exterior parts, which pursued the KATANA-like, for the new KATANA. The “Short Fuel Tank Cover” and “GT Tail Cowl” has been released.

Short Fuel Tank Cover

In case that the new KATANA is equipped a OEM fuel tank cover, the handlebar height cannot be lowered with the normal dimension due to the effect of the clearance with the tank.

This short fuel tank cover prevents interference between the handlebar and the fuel tank cover as much as possible by making the shape closely to the inner fuel tank as it can, and the lowered angle handlebar, one of the features of the old KATANA, can be installed.

[Product Information]

Specifications: FRP with Black Gel Coating / Carbon Fiber (Made-to-Order)

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Short Fuel Tank Cover Product Page

GT Tail Cowl

The new KATANA is equipped a short tail cowl like a modern model, but many enthusiastic fans demand a long tail cowl that looks like the old KATANA. This GT tail cowl is a product that responds to the needs by adopting a long shape while respecting the new genuine design.

The upper surface of the tail cowl can be opened and closed with a single screw, providing a slightly larger glove compartment. Since there is almost no compartment in the OEM tail cowl, this product can also be used as a part to enhance the functionality.

[Product Information]

Specifications: FRP with Black Gel Coating 4 Pieces / Carbon Fiber 3 Pieces + FRP Under Cover

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GT Tail Cowl Product Page

Original Source [ OHNO-SPEED ]

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