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Magical Racing “Parts for Cross Cub (18-)”, Improves the Practicality of Cross Cub


The popularity of camp touring in Japan is rising recently due to the booming outdoor activities. For this reason, I would like to introduce the “DeliBox” a MAGICAL RACING brand that fits for Cross Cub.

*The parts of the photographed motorcycle was painted. The original color is white.


Add functional parts to the convenient Cub

This Cross Cub, which is equipped with parts that enhances its comfort, was developed for the purpose of transporting goods in times of a calamity taking advantage of the motorcycle’s mobility. However, its tough finish and ingenuity can also be perfect for outdoor activities.

The Cross Cub is equipped with “DeliBox” on the rear carrier that has a large capacity of 125L and “front” on both left and right to the front for extra capacity. “The front knuckle visor”, which covers the clear shield and grip, protects the rider from the wind.

The DeliBox Cross Cub does not only function to its original purpose, but also to expand the possibilities of leisure.

[DeliBox Z-5] Compact, but a large capacity of 125L!

▲Price: 451.23 USD

Although the DeliBox has a large capacity, it features a compact silhouette and an aero shape that takes air resistance into consideration. It can be locked with a special key and is equipped with a stop lamp at the rear. The side rack is a prototype under development.

For models other than Cross Cub

The DeliBox is installable on a motorcycle with a larger carrier. The photo shows an example of mounting on a Honda Benly. It looks nice.

[Front side box] Extra luggage storage along with wind protection

▲Price: 423.03 USD (Set of left and right)

The front side box is installable on both left and right and can be locked by key. It is convenient for storing things that you want to take out and use immediately. Moreover, it also function as a leg shield, and it is more interesting by attaching an action cam or smartphone as shown in the picture. Usage is free.

“Front knuckle visor” effectively guards rider from the wind

▲Price: 216.22 USD *Smoke virsion: 225.62 USD

The windshield with clear visibility (smoke is also available) and the shape of guard that covers to the handlebar grip effectively protect the rider from the wind when riding. It also contributes to reducing fatigue during long riding distances.

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