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Little Fish Rossi Escaping from Shark! AGV K-3SV Helmet has been Released!


Valentino Rossi is recognized as the living legend. It was announced that Rossi’s expiration of the contract with the YAMAHA factory is until 2020, so it brought a feeling of sadness to the majority of his fans. This time, I will introduce a helmet with a playful graphic like Rossi that blows away the melancholy of Rossi fans!

Little fish Rossi escapes from shark!? AGV K-3 SV Helmet “ROSSI MISANO 2015 MPLK”

A small fish (Rossi) fleeing the pressure of a shark (rivals)

Rossi’s loved dog and cat swimming in the Adriatic Sea are cute!

The replica model of the K-3 SV Valentino used at San Marino GP in the 2015 MotoGP has appeared. Valentino, who entered the home GP near the end of the season as a point leader, saw the oncoming rivals as sharks and described them as small fish (Valentinos) escaping the pressure of their rivals. Rossi’s loved dog and a cat swimming in the Adriatic Sea is drawn on the back of the head. Just like Finding Nemo, the playful Rossi-like design is attractive!

What is AGV K-3SV of the base model?

“K-3 SV” series is standardly equipped with a sun visor that can cut the dazzling light. It is a helmet that provides a clear view of various situations because it comes with an anti-fog lens (MAX PINLOCK).

Replica Model: Valentino Rossi / ROSSI MISANO 2015
Color: 004-ROSSI MISANO 2015
Shell: ABS
Chin Strap: D-ring
Standard: SG standard (JIS2007 standard corresponding product)
Interior: 3-dimensional, washable, detachable
Standard Equipment: Clear Shield with Pin Lock, Sun Visor (smoked), MAX PINLOCK (R)

Click here for details on AGV K-3 SV ROSSI MISANO 2015 MPLK! (Japanese)

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