TMR-MJN Carburetor Setting Nozzle [MJN-PRO] is Now Available from YOSHIMURA!

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YOSHIMURA released the TMR-MJN carburetor setting nozzle "MJN-PRO".

The MJN (Multiple Jet Nozzle), developed by YOSHIMURA, is an alternative to the jet needle, and achieves ideal atomization and an optimum mixture of air density by using fuel drawn out of tiny holes in the hollow pipe. The MJN has been installed in the GP500 machines as well as the GSX-R, including the YOSHIMURA racers.

MJN has been developed for a wide range of TMR carburetors and has gained the support of many users, but it is also true that there have been cases where the settings were not satisfactory depending on the specifications of the machine due to the carburetor design.

The newly developed nozzle "MJN-PRO" has a lineup of 21 different MJN settings. And the environment to find the best MJN setting is now ready with the data accumulated by YOSHIMURA and the "TMR-MJN Carburetor Setting Graph".

The MJN-PRO is the perfect solution for those who want to further improve the setting of the TMR-MJN carburetor, which has always been characterized by a wide range of tolerances. (Compatible Carburetor: TMR-MJN Large)

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TMR-MJN Carburetor Setting Nozzle "MJN-PRO" Product Page

TMR-MJN Carburetor Setting Nozzle "MJN-PRO"

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This is a setting nozzle for TMR-MJN carburetor large (φ36, φ38, φ40, φ41). Not applicable for small carburetor (φ28, φ32, φ34, φ35).

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TMR-MJN Carburetor Setting Nozzle "MJN-PRO" Product Page

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