It’s easy to find your size! The time to buy a Kushitani jacket is when you know you want one! [Weekly Impression No..52]


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This time, I've taken the liberty of picking out the "good" impressions from the period of March 13, 2021 to March 19, 2021 from the impressions that continue to increase every day, and I'd like to introduce them to you!

This week's pickup impressions

The Kushitani of my dreams

Rating: ★★★★★

I'm 175cm, 58kg.
I usually wear size L in other manufacturers, but I tried on the Kushitani shop and bought LL.

According to the clerk, Kushitani is a little smaller overall than other manufacturers.
In addition, the full mesh hoodie jacket is made with a beautiful silhouette, so it is said to be a little tight around the waist and sides.

I thought I could wear it in L, but the shoulders were too tight and I felt like they were sticking out, so I thought it would be better to wear it loosely than tightly, so I chose LL.
When it is a little cold, such as in the morning and evening, I assume that you can wear a windproof inner layer underneath.

I'm worried about flapping at high speeds, but then I don't have to choose a hoodie, so I give up.
Still, it's equipped with loops to keep the hood from flapping, and the sides can be adjusted with buttons, so I don't think you'll have too much trouble.

The hood is quite upright, so it seems to protect your neck from the harsh summer sun and will also protect you from sunburn.

It's a motorcycle jacket, but it's not a stiff style, it's a very casual design, so you can wear it stylishly in a tourist area.

As you can see from the various reviews, it's a very popular product and some of them sell out early every year.
The most popular one is navy, and I was told that size L is already out of stock and they don't know if it will ever come back in.
If you want to buy one, it might be better to buy it as soon as possible because it might be next year if you are not sure.

when getting on a train (bus, etc.)

from before

They look cool off the bike too!

From behind.

Behind the hood

The sizes of the two Webic staff members are listed, but I wonder what would happen if I were a little taller and got a size LL? Thank you for the great impressions, which solve the simple question of "what if I'm a little taller and go for a size LL?
The rumors in the Impreza are true, and the most popular riding clothes sell out quickly and are no longer available.
If you want one, I suggest you get one right away!
(From Webike staff: Kadowaki)

Thanks for the great impressions, Sawa!
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