DRC Released Protection Film for Meters!

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DRC has released a new protection film for the gauges, not only for trailers, which is DRC's specialty, but also for the popular CT125 and ZX-25R.

This clear glossy type protective film protects against scratches and UV rays, and prevents dirt and deterioration, allowing you to easily clean the meter panel itself without damaging it with mud and dust.

The hard type (PET) and soft type (TPU) are available according to the surface shape of the meter, and they are designed exclusively for motorcycle models by cutting to the shape of the meter panel.

The film comes in two sets for peace of mind even if you make a mistake.
It also comes with a cleaning kit and squeegees for removing air, which are useful to have when applying the product.

DRC Meter Screen Protective Film

Motorcycle meters are getting more sophisticated and expensive every year. Now that it has become a common practice to put a protective film on a smartphone, it will become a common practice to put it on a motorcycle meter as well.

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