You can choose from a variety of uses! 8 Recommended Touring Tires! With impressions [Summer 2020!

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用途で選べる!おすすめツーリングタイヤ8選!インプレッション付き【2020年夏!】I could answer that question in a heartbeat if I had a tire recommendation for the track.

Somehow, a slightly cheaper tire with less grip and longer life than high grip.
Are you looking at touring tires like that? You need to get rid of that idea right now! Join me in becoming a touring tire enthusiast!

Now, a touring tire is a wide and varied list of items to look for.
That's true. Because even if you say touring in one word, there are many different ways to ride and many different destinations. There is a wide variety of paces.
That's why we all have different requirements. Yes, touring tires are a lot of items to ask for!

In other words, if you don't think carefully about how you use it and how it works with your bike, you'll end up with a Collegian Touring tire.

Touring tires are very deep.

Characteristics of Touring Tires

Resistant to rain and wet surfaces!

When it comes to touring tires, it's hard to miss the story of the rain grips.
Touring is a long distance journey and it is not uncommon for it to rain on the way.
Each brand has put a lot of effort into developing a proper rain grip in such situations.

At the media test drives held after the tires are announced, they show the strength of the rain grip in one way or another, such as being forced to brake suddenly to activate the ABS on a watered-down surface.
That's how confident I am! So that's it!

Resistant to road changes

Another feature of touring tires is that they provide grip from the moment you start driving.
When touring, you will encounter a variety of surfaces. Some surfaces are shady and cold, others are wet all year round. There are also fallen leaves.
In order to cope with such unpredictable road surface changes, it is made to cope with a wide temperature range and various road conditions, unlike high grip which is only effective when heated.

I'll ride my bike fine in the winter! Touring tires are also recommended for riders who are not sure if they are a good fit.

What to look out for when choosing a touring tire

The point to watch out for is what kind of vehicle you're in, what kind of touring you're doing, and what kind of performance you need at that time!
Let's consider this part first.

Match your touring style.

When we talk about touring, there is a difference in the way of riding between those who are aiming for a winding road and those who are aiming for a hot spring a few hundred kilometers away.
And if you run differently, then so does the tire you choose! There are two types of touring tires, one with a sporty flavor and the other with a more stable feel.
It's important to choose from the way you run.

What kind of touring do you prefer?
  • Anyway, we'll buy ourselves some distance! long touring
  • Destination is the pass! And I want to enjoy winding down!
  • Touring on a tandem or with lots of luggage!
  • ちょっとしたオフロードも楽しむよ!

  • EX・雪山万歳

What performance do you look for in a tire?

Finally, consider the performance you want in your tires! For example, I'll run in the rain! If this is the case, you want a rain grip, right?
Life is important if you want your tires to last as long as possible.
It's easy to forget that ride quality is also important for tourers. A small difference in ride quality can make a big difference when you arrive at your destination.

It happens! The performance you want in a touring tyre
  • one's feeling of comfort in the ride
  • dry grip

      Grip in the center (glad to see the emphasis on life)

      Side grips (high grip would be nice)
  • rain grip
  • Life (motivation and durability)
  • Cornering performance
  • cost

Some tires can be recommended based on vehicle weight.

The first thing to consider is the vehicle. This may or may not be a heavy-duty body. Some of the touring tires on the planet are reinforced to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles like the big tourers. (Like the GT.)
If it's a heavyweight bike, you can choose from a model specifically designed for it.

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