The top 3 most popular system helmets chosen by users!

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ユーザーが選んだシステムヘルメット人気ランキングTOP3!Three retrospectives, in this day and age, tend to be reported.
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Full face while riding, open face when you get off the bike.
The "System Helmet" is such a dual-purpose helmet.

It's convenient that you don't have to take your helmet off every time you take a break from touring.
Many riders buy it as a second helmet and use it for different purposes.

In this article, we've picked out the top three Webike popularity rankings for system helmets and compiled a list of user ratings.

That's not enough.So, each helmet is aEvaluation of the Three Kingdoms in a dogmatic and prejudiced wayI did.

Top 3 most popular system helmets!

Here are the top 3 most popular system helmets on Webike, along with user testimonials (impressions)!

No. 1 : SHOEI

NEOTEC2, the gold standard of system helmets, is No. 1 in the popularity ranking!
What are the ratings of users who are interested in it?

×Nice try! User feedback!

  • Overpriced! If it's a little cheaper, go to .......

I like this! User feedback!

  • Quiet and wind noise
  • Ventilation is good and comfortable.
  • The details are carefully crafted and highly textured.
  • The balance of the center of gravity is better, or it's lighter than you think when you wear it.
  • Good fitting with SENA's dedicated intercom
The average satisfaction rating of users who purchased this product is 4 stars..Three!


It's pricey, but when it comes to satisfaction, the overwhelming majority of users give it a *4-5! As expected of SHOEI quality, which is safe and reliable. It's a system helmet you won't regret buying!

In terms of the Three Kingdoms, he was the first of the Five Tiger Generals, "Guan Yu."

Guan Yu served under Liu Bei Xuentoku and devoted himself to the founding of Shu. He is a great military commander who was praised by the enemy country by his extraordinary military prowess and humanity that respects righteousness. NEOTEC2's fusion of safety, comfort and functionality at a high level is just like Guan Yu. He will be envied by the riders who love to use other manufacturers' helmets.

[SHOEI NEOTEC2's sanguine language is available at ......]

If he's not an ally, he can only be considered an enemy.


No. 2 : LS2|VORTEX

The LS2 VORTEX beat out domestic manufacturers to take the second place!
What are the secrets to its popularity as revealed by user feedback?

×Nice try! User feedback!

  • The size is much smaller than domestic manufacturers.

I like this! User feedback!

  • You'll know it when you hold it!
  • Quiet and comfortable.
  • The actual selling price is low and cosmetic.
  • A full range of accessories including a pin lock seat and carrying bag
The average satisfaction rating of users who purchased this product is 3 stars..Nine!


The use of carbon material for the shell (hat body) and the light weight of the system helmet, which tends to be heavy, seems to be a popular point.

In the Romance of the Three Kingdoms sense, the genius military strategist "Zhuge Liang"

The weight of the system helmet is cleared by the carbon shell, and it has become popular among domestic manufacturers with overwhelming popularity. Its appearance is just like "Zhuge Liang," the genius military strategist who proposed a plan to Liu Bei to build the Three Kingdoms era! When you wear a VORTEX, you want to make sure you have a white feather fan with you.

[LS2 VORTEX's sanguine language is available at ......]

It would be foolish to attack the outside without building up our internal defenses.



Third place goes to the latest OGK KABUTO model, RYUKI, due out in April 2020!
Here's what users have rated it!

×Nice try! User feedback!

  • The wind noise bothers me.
  • It feels lacking in texture.

I like this! User feedback!

  • The bicolor design is cool.
  • It's light for a system helmet.
  • Much cheaper than other manufacturers.
  • It's got all the equipment you'll ever need.
The average satisfaction level of users who purchased this product is 2..Eight!


Looks like the full range of functionality and cost effectiveness you want in a system helmet was well received! The bargain seems to be quite high.

In terms of the Three Kingdoms, the first Shu emperor, "Liu Bei."

KABUTO's RYUKI is packed with every convenient function and kept at an affordable price. In spite of just being on sale, the momentum of this helmet, which is ranked No. 3 in the popular rankings, is the very same as Liu Bei, who cared for his people and gained support for his Chinese spirit. Isn't this system helmet exactly the helmet that can be the center of the Three Kingdoms?

[OGK KABUTO RYUKI's Sanguozhi language is available at ......]

Just because it's a trivial matter is no reason not to do good deeds.


Popular System Helmets 3 Models Comparison Chart

The following table summarizes the specifications of the three most popular models in an easy-to-understand table.

This way, we can compareNEOTEC2 of comfortthe...The VORTEX of lightnessthe...RYUKI in Costa RicaEach has its own strengths and is popular.

Why don't you get a system helmet for touring?

Once you've used it, it's a convenience you won't want to let go of!


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