The perfect bag for riders is now available, and BEET’s new products are perfect for convenience store and supermarket shopping!

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ライダーにピッタリのマイバッグ出ました!BEETの新製品がコンビニ・スーパーでのお買い物にピッタリ!I slashed my tires on the asphalt.

It's already been a month since convenience stores started charging for plastic bags.
How is everyone doing? Do you have your own bag with you? Huh? I don't have it yet!
I, for one, have one. As much as I love vehicles that emit exhaust fumes that aren't environmentally friendly in any way, I've come to believe that it's okay to cooperate with these eco-friendly efforts.

Now, the new BEET product we're introducing is the perfect fit for such a my bag situation.

BEET, the muffler maker, has just released a tote bag!

BEET tote bag1,760 yen (tax included)

BEET is famous for developing mufflers, including the Nassart series.
I love the point cover with the BEET logo on it. I adored that gold cover when I was in school.

BEET has now released a tote bag from ......!
It's a tote bag.

It has a 15-liter capacity and can hold a helmet.

The 15-liter capacity is the capacity found in all the eco-friendly bags on the street and is a standard size for everyday shopping, including the supermarket.
According to BEET, it can also fit a full-face helmet, so there are many ways to use it.

The design is a natural color with a calming brown BEET logo, perfect for motorcycle riding appeal in moderation.
It's also available in a different color scheme: black with an ivory logo.

The price is modest, and this is a good opportunity to use it as an eco-friendly bag for convenience stores and supermarkets.

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