Tell us about your jackets, we looked at the Webike staff’s favorite jackets for summer 2020.

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あなたのジャケット教えて下さい!Webikeスタッフの愛用ジャケット調べてみた!2020年夏I've been staring at my wallet constantly lately for a new mesh jacket.Webike staff miyaIt is.

What does a riding jacket mean to you?
A buddy to protect you from injury, a piece of fashion, and supplies to make your bike more comfortable.
I'm sure you take many factors into account when choosing a jacket, but do you think the Webike staff who usually commute to work by bike also think the same way?

I've had to sleep at night because I've been so concerned about it, so I did a survey of all the Webike staff who ride bikes about riding jackets.
The brands you love, what's important to you, when to replace them, etc., can be found at .......
I looked it up and got some pretty interesting numbers, and I'm going to share them with you all!

And we've got a quick apparel survey at the end, so come on out and join us!

 Note: The survey is 2020./07/It ended as of 017.

What is your favorite brand of jacket?

Oh my! About half of them were RS Taich and Kushitani.
I asked him why he chose RS Tych.

  • Well designed and good looking for everyday use.
  • It's both safe and casual!
  • You look so young! ...I think.
  • Not too expensive.

Rainwear SurveyRS Tych is still a consistently popular brand, as was the case when we did the
I want to ride in style while keeping the price down! That's the nice thing about RS Taich that makes those desires come true.

Incidentally, ...... from a staff member who chose Kushitani, who was in a close race with RS Taich.

  • I like the calm design.
  • I like the texture.
  • That riding jacket is so cool!
  • I used it in a race and the quality was good.

Even if the price is a little high, the quality is good, so I guess there are a lot of people who love to use it.
By the way, I am also a Kshitani user. I can't stop wearing it once you try it.

The minority responses were.

  • MV Agusta: I wanted to match the bike manufacturer.
  • VANSON: I love the coloring and the logo on the back!
  • ALPINESTARS: My favorite rider wore it, and I liked it too.
  • Dainese: I liked the size and design that fit me perfectly.

Some staff members responded by saying

When are you going to buy the jacket?

Over 40% of the staff will buy it when they see a design they like! This was the result.
When I asked him why, he said.

  • Stand out with the new model!
  • You may not be able to get it next year due to a design change, so go to .......
  • If I think it's better than what I'm wearing now, I'll make an immediate decision.

The answer was.
It seems that you want the design that you like. As I said, if I see a design I like, I'll buy it! I'm one of the .......

What do you pay attention to when buying?

Stunning design! The Webike staff was a cesspool of fashionable riders!
About 70% of staff consider design to be the most important factorHe thinks that this is a good idea.
You go in with the look and see the performance, price, etc. ...... It's just like when you're looking for a motorcycle.
Maybe you're aware that you want to look cool at all times.

Tell me your budget for a jacket!

In the price range questionnaire, theSame ratio of 10,000 yen and 20,000 yenThe result.
The options were also provided for under $10,000, but none of them were chosen.
Since the average price of a jacket is in the 10,000-30,000 yen range, the result is a reasonable ratio.
There are a few staff members who love to use high-spec jackets costing more than 30,000 yen.

Webike staff miya recommends jackets under ,000!

RS Taichi: RSJ316 Air Track Hoodie

This model has a T-DRY mesh interior that dries quickly.
(*T-DRY...... TAICHI's original functional mesh material for riding)

It comes standard with a three-dimensional foam protector, but an additional chest protector (sold separately) can be installed.

This jacket was actually worn by our staff so that you can see how it fits to your body type. If you're having trouble deciding which size you want to wear, please take a look at this jacket for reference.


RS Taichi: RSJ330 CorduraFoody

This riding jacket is made of high-strength sweat fabric in a CORDURA blend knit. Designed for the street, but also for safety.
If the cord of the hood flaps around while driving and you're worried about it, the hooks on the inside of the jacket prevent it from flapping around.

By the way, if you'd like to learn more about Cordura Hoodie here ......IWe recommend the following.


RS Taichi: RSJ321 WR Hoodie

A casual-taste hoodie that can be used for outdoor activities as well.
As it should be.The drip-proof material makes it perfect for rainy days.You can use it.

This jacket is an upgrade from the standard mesh shoulder/elbow/back protector to a more robust CE type protector for more secure street riding.


KUSHITANI: Vector Jacket

A casual riding parka with soft jersey material for a stress-free fit. It has ventilation in the armpits and back for perfect ventilation. It is also possible to customize the protector according to the rider's needs. For ease of use, choose the "Soft Type". If you are looking for safety, we recommend the "CE type".

Finally, tell me what your favorite jackets are!

Thank you for reading this far.
Finally, I created a short survey about the jacket!

 Note: The survey is 2020./07/It ended as of 017.

It appears after the vote.Survey results from "View Previous Responsesfor more information.

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In that caseIPlease respond from.

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