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200人にアンケート!あなたの愛用ジャケット教えてください!We're almost to the end of the rainy season!
I need a new motorcycle jacket, but what brands do the riders around me use?
The Webike poll is the answer to these concerns.

We recently published aA survey of the Webike staff's favorite jacketsWe've just announced the results of a survey we had our users participate in at

What is your favorite brand of jacket?

First, we asked what brand of jackets everyone loves to wear.
I don't have a motorcycle jacket! I asked people to write down the brand of the jacket they wanted if they were interested.
The other day.A survey of the Webike staff's favorite jacketsThe result of the survey was that about half of the staff love RS TAICHI and KUSHITANI.

The results of this poll show that KUSHITANI and HYOD are at the top of the list, ahead of RS TAICHI.
It seems that many users tend to prefer high quality and well-designed brands.
I'm one of them (KUSHITANI user).

Where would you buy a jacket?

When asked where they would buy their jackets next, 42% of respondents said they would buy them at a motorcycle supply store.
We were able to compare a variety of brands on the spot, and in addition to that, we were able to try them on at the bike shop.

As a staff member, we're happy to see Webike as the runner-up.
Thank you for your continued support.

If you don't buy a jacket from an online store, tell me why!

We then asked the people who don't buy jackets from online stores why they don't buy them.
The most common response was "I don't know the size52.8%.The runner-up, "I want to see and buy it in person," is28.5%.There was.
Many users did not buy from online stores because they could not hold the item in their hands and try it on.

Just like the results of where to buy earlier, supply stores came in first place, which means you can buy without worrying about trying on clothes and seeing the actual product.

When to buy or replace a jacket?

We also asked about the timing of buying a jacket. Forty percent of the Webike staff responded that they would buy a jacket when they see a design they like, but in this survey

If the one I'm wearing doesn't work.
"My favorite design is on the market.

These two categories accounted for about the same percentage, or 70% of the total.
There are two kinds of people: those who use it until it goes bad and then buy it, and those who focus on design and buy it as soon as they see something they like! There are two mainstream ways to ride the bike, I guess.
Other responses include
Before the touring season.
"If you find yourself at a roadside station or some other place where you feel out of date,
I'll take a bonus!

Some people had their own style of buying timing, such as

What is the most important thing to consider when buying a jacket?

After all, there are very many people who are concerned about their appearance.
The first priority is design, and from there you can choose function and safety. ...... Then KUSHITANI and HYOD, which are rich in design, will inevitably be chosen at the top.

And 70% of the Webike staff's responses were based on design, and riders always want to look cool!

Other responses include.Buy one that matches the color of your bike!Some of them showed their love for their partner by saying

What is your budget for a jacket?

Many users were looking for a jacket with a purchase budget of between 10,000 yen and 30,000 yen.
Jackets under 10,000 yen make up about 10% of all jackets, and not too expensive or too cheap seem to be the best choice.
I guess this is the price range in which the price is excellent in terms of both design and cost performance.

What brands would you like Webike to carry?

Lastly, we asked you what brands you'd like to see Webike carry in the future!
Here's the result!

Yes, sir. I knew it was coming.
I've had a dim feeling since HYOD was at the top of my favorite brands, but I still want you all to have it: .......
I received some other feedback.
Workman, the ally of the working man.
Britain's Oldest Bike Wear "Lewis Leather" and more: ......

We have had numerous brands written for us.

Maybe the brands you've written about will be able to be listed on Webike in the future? I would be happy if you could support me behind my back. There's no guarantee we'll be able to publish it, so sorry if we can't!

After the rainy season, enjoy riding with a new jacket!

More than 200 people responded to this survey.
To the users who helped us.
Thank you so much!

You may want to look for a new jacket based on these results.
Maybe you'll find more of your favorite brands that fit your needs: ......?

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