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【2020年夏】Webikeスタッフ厳選!ホルスターバッグのすゝめ【オススメ5選!】I'm Miya, a member of the Webike staff, and I only carry my driver's license, wallet, and smartphone in my luggage when I go for a quick run.

You want to keep your luggage to a minimum when touring on winding roads and other touring activities where the main focus is on running, right?
You can put small items in a rucksack or shoulder bag, but the bag can cause fatigue in your shoulders, steam in your back, and flapping in the wind, which can interfere with your riding.
A holster bag is a handy bag that comes in handy in such cases.

What is a holster bag, anyway? In case you're wondering what a holster bag is, here's a brief description of holster bags and the Webike staff's choice of holster bag recommendations!

What is a holster bag, anyway?

When you hear the word "holster" many people will think of a case where an officer or other officer carries a handgun on his or her hip.
It is widely used in the military because it can be quickly removed from the gun when it is in use, while holding it firmly to prevent it from falling out.
The "leg holster" is a holster that hangs from a belt and secures the attached band at the thigh, and can be considered the prototype of the holster bag introduced here.

The holster bag we're going to introduce here is not very large in capacity as it wraps around your thighs just like the leg holster, but it stays close to your body so you don't have to worry about it flopping around or interfering with your seat bag or anything else while riding.
Plus, it's on you all the time, so you don't have to worry about leaving it behind when you take a break!
Are you wondering what kind of innovative holster bags ...... are available that seem to be made just for those riders?
Next up, we'll take a look at the Webike staff's recommended holster bag.

Webike staff recommends holster bags.

HenlyBegins: Holster bag

First up was Henry Biggins' holster bag!
This is the most popular design of holster bags.
The material is made of a water-resistant material called tarpaulin, which allows you to run without worrying about a little rain on the road.

Storage space for the main compartment, a space for a long wallet, and 4.It combines a flap storage for a 7" phone.
The zipper section is available in five colors: red, blue, yellow, lime green and black.

DEGNER: Hanayama Leather Holster Bag

This holster bag has an impressive floral design on the front and is recommended for riders who like Japanese patterns.
This floral design is called "gold brocade" and gives it a different flavor from the usual embroidery.
Gold Brocade is a traditional weaving technique generally used for Hina Dolls and Noh costumes.

This bag is full of luxury with a different feel from other nylon and tarpaulin holster bags and is made of cowhide fabric.


If you're looking for a lot of features, I recommend the Yellow Cone WP Leg Bag!
The main room has a watertight zipper to reduce flooding.
There are carabiner belts at the base of the belt and at the front to hang various objects.
It is also a multi-functional holster bag that can be fitted with an additional mini-pouch (sold separately).

KOMINE: SA-211 Water Proof Leg Bag

If you want a waterproof bag, I recommend this water proof leg bag!
This holster bag has a welded liner in the main compartment to make it waterproof.

I never want to get my phone, wallet, etc., wet from the rain on a touring trip! If you're not a fan of this bag, you can use it to avoid getting wet!


If you're looking for something expensive but still good for ......, Kshitani's 2-Way Leg Bag 2 is for you.
The uniquely tanned leather, soft and stretchy with oil, is an excellent product in both look and feel.
It will also change its color and luster as you use it, so you can enjoy it for a long time.

As the name says, this bag can be used as a shoulder bag when you get off the bike.
This is a stylish genuine leather holster bag that you won't find on a motorcycle that can be used in everyday life.

If you want to do some easy touring, you need a holster bag!

The holster bag is still available in many different designs and materials.
The beauty of the holster bag is that you don't even have to ride your bike to use it, depending on what it's used for!

Let's find a holster bag that fits your needs and enjoy some easy touring!

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