Riding shoes are the best thing for a bike! What’s the difference between them and regular shoes? In-depth explanation and recommendations

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バイクにはライディングシューズが一番!普通の靴と何が違うの?【徹底解説&オススメ紹介】Do I need riding shoes? Why not a pair of sneakers?
Even at the driving school, you're told to wear shoes that cover your ankles because of the risk of falling.
Of course, you can drive in high-cut sneakers, but a pair of motorcycle-specific riding shoes has many advantages over regular sneakers.
If you think about jogging, for example, you can run in sneakers, but you would normally wear running shoes.

The reason is simple: running shoes are easier to run in and less hard on your feet.

The same can be said for riding shoes.
So what are the differences between riding shoes and regular shoes?

Differences between riding shoes and regular shoes

Part 1: High protection performance reduces the risk of falling

Unfortunately, I'm always on the bike.Risk of FallingIt comes with a
The following are some of the most common patterns of injuries to the foot during a fall

  • My foot gets caught in the overturned bike.
  • I twist my ankle.
  • The friction with the road surface causes it to scrape away.

Riding shoes are designed to reduce the risk of these injuries.high-cut typeIt's not only that.Built-in toe, ankle and heel protectorsIt has been done.

Also, the shoes themselves.Solid constructionIt is made of
Each company is trying to make the shoes soft and comfortable, but they still look chunky when compared to ordinary shoes.
The material has excellent tearing strength.Equipped with leather and plastic protectorsSince we are doingIt can withstand the friction with the road when it falls over.It's like that.

No. 2: Operability unique to motorcycles

While increasing protection performance.Walkability as a shoeNot to mention.Ease of stepping and shifting (rear brake operation)is also an important point.

While the lateral (twisting) direction is reducedStructure that does not inhibit longitudinal movementin.
Also.Sole is made of a material with good gripor by cutting the heel at an angle so that it sits naturally on the step.

No.3 High water resistance and moisture permeability to withstand sudden rain

In order to make riding comfortable even when riding in the rain, the inside of the riding shoes has aHigh moisture permeability/waterproofThere are some that have
In recent years, a number of stylish riding shoes have appeared on the market that are both waterproof and well-designed.

Part 4: Easy to take off and put on.

Basically, to prevent the shoes from falling off in the event of a fall, the shoes are fixed firmly in place with a string or something like that, but nowadays, the fit is adjusted with laces and the shoes can be put on and off with Velcro orBOA SystemMore and more shoes are now available with one-touch adjustments using a wire and dial called

Here's a look at the most popular riding shoes right now, by brand!

RS TAICHI's popular riding shoes!

When you think of riding gear, this brand is probably the first thing that comes to mind.
Recently, there are many designs that are casual and comfortable to use on the street, but on the other hand, the functionality that we have developed in our lace support/We are the best in the industry in terms of safety.
Here are the riding shoes that RS TAICHI is releasing!

  RSS010 DRYMASTER [dry master] combat shoes

Suggested retail price】¥24,000(excluding tax).

  • Based on the design of the concept of adventure, shoes that adopt the TAICHI original molded sole with excellent grip on rough roads
  • Three types of colors are available for the sole to match the color of the upper
  • Waterproof and moisture permeable.DRYMASTERinserts for comfort in bad weather
  • Large M4 BOA dial for easy on/off, easy to lock and release even with gloves on

  RSS008 Boa Wrap Air Riding Shoe

Suggested retail price] 19,800 yen (excluding tax)

  • Two-layer mesh upper provides high strength and breathability
  • High fit with just a dialing actionBOA SystemEquipped with molded protectors on the heel and ankles, which are vulnerable to damage in the event of a fall
  • Original sole for high grip and comfort, original inner sole with shock-absorbing material in the heel area
  • Retroreflective reflectors (heel and outside) with high reflective efficiency


Suggested retail price] 19,800 yen (excluding tax)

  • TAICHI's original waterproof and moisture permeable material for the outerwear"Drymaster."for use in all weather conditions
  • Durable and maintainable man-made leather on the outer surface"Clarino(R),"and seven times stronger than nylon."CORDURA(R)"Use the
  • The sole is co-developed with vibram and uses a high-grip sole that takes into account the grip and drainage needed for riding.
  • The inside of the heel adopts a frame guard, reducing the damage to the body of the shoe

  RSS006 DRYMASTER [dry master] BOA [boa] riding shoes

Suggested retail price] 19,800 yen (excluding tax)

  • The Bore System and Drymaster are combinedThe best riding shoes in the world
  • Original sole with high grip and flexibility
  • Built-in shock-absorbing material in the insole for outstanding comfort
  • Retroreflective reflectors (heel and outside) with high reflective efficiency

GOLD WIN's popular riding shoes!

One of the strongest allies of touring users is Goldwyn.
Many users have been using the company's products for years, especially when it comes to safety and comfort, rather than boasting a higher level of quality.
Goldwyn currently has the following two items in its lineup

  G Vector Riding Shoes GSM1052

Suggested retail price] 15,500 yen (excluding tax)

  • G-Vector® booties.Excellent in breathability and moisture permeabilitywaterproof shoes
  • Toes and ankles are made of cowhide.
  • Can be tied at the ankle with an ankle belt to avoid catching the tied laces
  • Velcro allows for ankle-tightening adjustment

  Mesh Riding Shoes GSM1053

Suggested retail price] 11,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • Coarse mesh.Maximize breathabilityShoes for spring and summer
  • Double-russel mesh material for excellent ventilation
  • Toes and ankles are made of cowhide
  • Velcro allows for ankle-tightening adjustment

Popular riding shoes by ALPINSTARS!

If you're a fan of motorcycle racing, you've heard of Alpinestars, a brand you've heard of at least once.
It's not just a lineup of hard-hitting images derived from racing gear.
More and more casual items are also available and are supported by a wide range of fans.

  FASTER 3 SHOE [Faster 3 Shoes]

Suggested retail price] 18,800 yen (excluding tax)

  • New design from the long-selling FASTER family
  • TPU Shift Padprovides superior protection and durability
  • Made of lightweight, durable microfiber material
  • TPR reinforcement at the ankles for improved safety

  SP-1 SHOES [SP-1 Shoes]

Suggested retail price] 22,800 yen (excluding tax)

  • Riding shoes that offer both protection and maneuverability
  • Lightly padded shoe tongue and rear accordion provide superior comfort
  • Side air intakes for improved ventilation
  • Speed closure systemEasy to put on and off with

KUSHITANI's popular riding shoes!

Kshitani is a high quality brand, and the quality of shoes is also very high, and the brand is very popular among riders.
Moreover, the thick, light, soft and strong leather peculiar to Kucitani continues to attract many motorcycle users.

  FLOW SHOES[flow shoes]

Suggested retail price] 23,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • Riding shoes with ventilation features perforated throughout
  • The BOA(R) system allows for an easy, even fit and allows for fine adjustments even with gloves on
  • Excellent friction resistance and grip.Vibramsole "GUSHIONAdopt a

  ADONE SHOES[adone shoes]

Recommended retail price】25,000 yen (excluding tax)

  • Mid-length waterproof riding shoes
  • The BOA(R) system allows for an easy, even fit and allows for fine adjustments even with gloves on
  • Partly accented with dimpled leather and leather back
  • Excellent friction resistance and grip.Vibramsole "ADVENTURE TRAVELAdopt a

Bike specific shoes for a comfortable and safe ride!

That's it for this introduction!
Have you found a shoe that you are interested in?
Webike carries many more brands of riding shoes than those mentioned here.
I'm sure you'll find some shoes you'll love!
You must! Find your favorite pair!

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