[Rev. 250/33 items for 500! From touring items to lowers to mufflers! I’ve posted all of the recommended parts!

Parts & Gear

【レブル250/500用33アイテム!】ツーリングアイテムからローダウン、マフラーまで!オススメパーツの全部載せしちゃいましたFor the first time in nearly 20 years, the Revell 250 and Revell 500 returned to Honda's lineup in 2017, the first time the Revell was named after the Revell.

This time, three years after it was first sold, the Revell 250/We can say that all of the custom parts for the 500 are now available, so we'll be picking out the best parts and accessories for the 500!

Rev. 250/500. Why are you so popular?

The Revell is a voluminous form with φ41 upright forks and 16-inch tires front and rear.
The Revell 500 is powered by a torque-focused in-line twin-cylinder engine, while the Revell 250 is a CBR250R engine but tuned for mid- to low-speed performance.

However, if you're expecting a big ...... ride feeling like an American cruiser, that image is overturned in a good way, and the Rebel 250 with its cornering characteristics due to the reduced amount of trails./The 500 offers a multi-ride experience that ripens well from city to winding roads.

Legs are very good, the Revell 250/The seat height for both 500 models is 690mm.
Riders who are concerned about their footing will be able to ride with confidence and stability, of course. It has a strong presence and is suitable for taller riders.

It's such a good looking, good running Revell 250!/There is no reason why the 500 should not be in the limelight.
It's popular with a wide range of riders, from youngsters stepping up from scooters to returning riders and even as a second bike option.

In addition, the Rebel 250 was the number one selling light motorcycle in the country for the year in 2018-2019, beating out the PCX150. It's arguably the hottest under 250 vehicle out there right now!

Where do you start with customization? Muffler & Fenderless Kit Summary


Sales Price56,115 yen (tax included)

For Revell 250
Government certified muffler (complies with vehicle inspection)
Color] Black
Pipe: Stainless steel
Silencer : Stainless steel
Proximity: 91db
Acceleration: 77db

OVER|SS Megaphone Complete Muffler

Sales Price61,989 yen (tax included)

For Revell 250
Full exhaust muffler
Government certified muffler (compatible model: 2BK-MC49)
H22 noise regulation / H19 emissions regulation
Color: Heat-resistant black paint finish
Stainless steel exhaust pipe】 Φ38.1
Stentail pipe】Φ50.8
Stainless Steel Silencer】420mm (Megaphone)
Proximity: 94dB
Acceleration: 82dB(acceleration)
[Maintenance Data]
Dren: Yes.
Filter: Yes
Tandem: Yes

SP Tadao|Power box pipe

Sales Price30,800 yen (tax included)

For Revell 250
Material: Ultra-lightweight stainless steel with heat-resistant black coating
Drain bolts: Yes
Filter: Yes
government certification
made in Japan

r's gear : Yvan Classic Slip-On Muffler

Sales Price76,927 yen (tax included)

For Revell 250
Silencer type:Classical type
Weight: 3.4kg(STD:4).7kg)
Specifications】 【Specifications】.
Maximum output power: 22.9ps (STD: 22).9ps)
Maximum torque: 2.1 kg-m (STD: 2.1kg-m)
JMCA-approved products
Government-certified products
Vehicle inspection
[Maintenance Data]
Oil change: yes
Oil filter replacement: yes

WirusWin|Grand Sharp Muffler

Sales Price28,600 yen (tax included)

For Revell 250
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Exhaust pipe: 38mm diameter
[baffle exhaust volume]
When worn: 90db (within courtroom volume limits)
When not installed: 94db
Specifications】 【Specifications】.
Baffles (sound deadening parts) are included as standard
Equipped with a standard exhaust gas concentration sensor (O2 sensor) attachment port
WirusWin Sticker
WirusWin plate

BEAMS|Power Header W Slip-On Muffler

Sales Price81,400 yen (tax included)

For Revell 250
Weight: 6.1kg (stock: 4kg).7kg)
Volume: 90.0db (stock: 89db)
JMCA/Government Certification
2-year manufacturer's warranty
Compliance with the 2010 Noise Regulation
Accessories: Gasket
Center Stand: -.
Filler cap: ○
Drain bolts: ○
Other processing, etc.: No

Two Brothers Racing|Slip-On Muffler

Sales PriceFrom 61,848 yen (tax included)

For Revell 250
Type: Comp-S Series
Exhaust pipe: Stainless steel
End cap : Carbon
Attachment:Baffle by Matsumoto Engineering (Not for sale for Comp-S *Not for sale* Silencer installed)


Sales Price67,430 yen (tax included)

For Rebel 500
Type:SLIP-ON Sleeve Material:AISI 304 Stainless Steel Sleeve Finishing:Matte Finishing Sleeve Painting:Ceramic Black Paint End Cap Material:AISI 304 Stainless Steel End Cap Finishing:Brushed Finishing Bracket Material:AISI 304 Stainless Steel LeoVince Logo:Embossed LeoVince Logo Welding:TIG Weldings WEIGHT: 1.93 kg (-2.02 kg vs. the OEM) Homologation: ECE-Approved

WirusWin|Fenderless Kit

Sales Price12,100 yen (tax included)


Material: SUS304 stainless steel / Mirror buffing

Dress up parts to improve your looks

KIJIMA|Tail Lamp Kit LED Corona Tail Lamps

Sales Price14,934 yen (tax included)


LED Solar Type
Tail size] Φ85mm, width 37mm
Body (FRP black)
LED Solar Tail Lamps
LED license lamp
Reflector base

SP TAKEGAWA|Cushion Seat Covers(Diamond Stitching)

Sales Price5,280 yen (tax included)


SP TAKEGAWA|Cushion Seat Cover (For Pilion Seat with Diamond Stitching)

Sales Price4,180 yen (tax included)


Traveling with Reveal [Best Items for Long Touring]

Tandem Riders

Comfortable in the mountains! [Sport Riding Pickup]

Easy to ride [Recommended set for smaller riders].


Power supply extraction harness

Sales Price1,100 yen (tax included)

12 V power supply extraction harness
Removal point: Optional 4-pin coupler
With Marked Tube (Kitako Original)
With battery (+) power supply

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