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夏の準備OK?サマーアイテムのインプレをいろいろ集めてみました!【週刊インプレ No.17】I bought it! I've tried it! Webike "Impressions" is a place to collect the "real voice" of riders. You can post any bike parts and custom parts that Webike deals in, and we'll give you points that you can use for shopping at Webike.Up to 500 points to be given away.I do.

We've taken the liberty of picking out some "good" impressions from the period July 4 to July 10, 2020, and we'd like to share them with you!

This week's pickup impressions

Comfort and safety at the same time

Rating: ★★★★★★.

It's just as you see it.
The arm covers have pockets for protectors.

The protector included is a good CE-rated one.
Maybe it's a shoulder protector? I could replace it with a similarly shaped shoulder mesh protector from another manufacturer.
(It doesn't make much sense. I wouldn't recommend it because it's also less safe.)

The arm covers are normal construction except for the pockets.
The inside is a large mesh with a large mesh eye for great ventilation. Very cool.
I just feel like I'm going to get a weird sunburn after a long day of riding.

For longer rides, it's best to wear a light parka or other lightweight hoodie over the top.

The strength is low due to the use of a lot of mesh, and it made a chattering sound when I pulled hard on and off.
Treat it gently.

I use it for city driving.
This arm cover is just a bit rugged looking, so you can shop and eat as is.
It's pretty good stuff.

I have two complaints.
There is no anti-slip treatment on the hem part, so it slips off a little bit like a normal arm cover.
I wish they would have sold the arm cover as a repair part because the protector can be removed.

In addition, I'm 170cm tall and a little stocky.
I mainly use size L for clothing.
It's just right for my body type. It's not tight or loose.

This product has great elasticity, so I think it's a wide range of sizes that it can accommodate. (White Bee)

>Webike has lots of protectors!

This arm cover is a great item to wear even when wearing a short-sleeved shirt because it's the season in summer when you're prone to skin damage from UV rays and other factors. On top of that, if it comes with a protector, it's a two-for-one item! Shilohachi also wrote about how it feels to wear it in your size, which is helpful! I'm sure there are many people who would like to do this. Thank you for the lovely imprints! (Webike Staff: from Kenzie)

The effect is to choose your clothes.

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆

I wanted the black one last year but it was out of stock and I wanted to try it out this year so I bought it.

In the summer, I wear long sleeves even when it's hot, so this is one way to combat that.
The actual item I received is thinner and better looking than I expected and doesn't feel cheap.

The color is a very dark black metallic rather than black. Plastic and black rubber? black silicone?Did you dare to make it metallic because it is a combination of Those who expected pitch black should take note.

My favorite cars are CRF250RALLY and Cub 90.
I tried it with a thin summer jacket and a thick Gore-Tex jacket.
I didn't feel the effect at 40-60kph on a sunny day with no wind, summer jacket city riding, 40-60kph. Same for 80-100kph.

I thought that with the lighter clothes, I'd expect air to come in through the sleeves and make my arms swell up, but that's not the case. It feels like I'm losing out to the air coming in the front.
The thick jacket worked well for both city and high speed driving. The sweat on my forearms feels cooler as it dries up with the air I inserted.

Unfortunately, the air didn't come up to my back.
Of course, it doesn't get cold in traffic or at a stoplight.
The effect was the same with the RALLY and Cub due to the similarity of the riding position.

What you have to be careful about is what might fall out of your sleeve. You have to be careful at all times with a tight pinch. I had a thin summer jacket that almost fell off while driving. It might be different if there were two pinching points. Looking forward to the model of the time. (Josie)

>Webike has a lot of cooling and cooling products!

This week I picked up another impression for a summer item feature! This air intake is a hot item in the summer. Yoshi tried them out in various driving situations. However, using it with a mesh jacket didn't seem to have much effect. ......! Why don't you talk to your wallet about what kind of jacket you're going to wear this summer and consider buying one? (Webike Staff: from Kenzie)

Thanks for the wonderful impressions, Shirohachi and Josie!
You can use it to shop at Webike.1000 points.I'm happy to give you a gift!

This is the kind of content on Webike where we collect the thoughts and opinions of our senior riders"Impressions."available.
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