It’s time for the iron turnip! Cubmaster’s choice! Recommended custom parts for the old Super Cub (exterior and muffler)

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今こそ鉄カブ!カブ主が選ぶ!ちょい古スーパーカブにおすすめしたいカスタムパーツたち【外装&マフラー編】My turnip is like a mountain that never moves.

When I say turnip, I mean the turnip 50, which not long ago went back to round eyes./110, lately it's been all about the C125 and CT125. (I made a lot of noise about the Cub Street revival, but I didn't have the staff to understand.)
As the owner of the Little Cub, an older model of the iron-framed Super Cub (a.k.a. the Iron Cub), I was happy, but at the same time, a little sad.
The current crop of good quality turnips are great bikes, but I like the rugged, retro, slightly slender look of the Iron Cub era!
The bottom link that lifts up with the brakes is already great.

Recently, George Tokoro, Takeshi Tsuruno and other celebrities have been riding in the Iron Cub!
I'm a 110cc Little Cub (my main bike) and I'll be recommending the Iron Cub custom parts to you. Exterior & Muffler Edition!
The parts you can use to change your car's appearance, whether you are a normal person or a boredomist.

It's totally a hobby.

 Prices for products mentioned in this article are current as of July 2020. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.


Convenient! Carrier Custom

Let's start with a handy custom carrier.
Many, many parts were released for the iron turnips that were sold for a very long time.
This is one of them! Pick up these gems that are called!

Are you a pretty girl? Are you a cool guy? I'm a pretty girl!

The stock Honda carrier is the standard.

HONDA|Front carriers2,860 yen (tax included)

One of the dress-up parts you want to put on, even if you don't put anything in particular on it. Front carrier.
I recommend the genuine Honda for this one.
As well as the design, the quality of each part is excellent and rust resistant even in poor storage conditions.

On the practical side, it expands the range of loading for camp touring and such!


Cute and unexpectedly useful

HONDA|Front basket2,090 yen (tax included)

I think the only bike in the world that I could find that would be cute with a front basket is the Cub.
This is the front basket I bought too, as I was aiming for a cute little cub. This basket is to be installed in combination with the front carrier I mentioned earlier.
It looks pretty good and practicality is attractive. The basket has a luggage hold bar that prevents luggage from popping out, perfect for a cub that doesn't have under-seat storage!
Genuine quality, of course.


Viet Cali to be able to use it effectively.

tokyo|Vietnam Career1,925 yen (tax included)

This one is also a classic. This is a Vietnam carrier. As a carrier, there are not many situations where it can be used to its fullest extent, but when it's there, it's a part that is used surprisingly often.
I personally consider it a type of dress-up part. A front carrier, vet-carrier, and stock cub carrier would complete the first step of the exterior customization process!
Just one point to note. It's a bit tricky to install. And since it mounts on top of the leg shields, access to the carb will be poor.


A box with the unique flavor of steel

| Luggage box9,900 yen (tax included)

A black iron box that is said to be attached to a bank turnip. That's why it's commonly known as a bank box.
In terms of performance, it can't compare to a Homsen box or GIVI rear box, but the appeal of this box is the tasteful appearance of steel!
It's a gem that doesn't go well with the iron turnip. In fact, it's also available in white.

They say God is in the details.

SP Takekawa, ABS molding and garnishFrom 6,490 yen (tax included)

How about a garnish that attaches to the tips of the front and rear fenders, or a molding that can cover the wiring to the tail lights?
The rear fender moldings in particular do a good job of hiding the wires that stand out in a carrierless vehicle. God is in the details. It's Takekawa in the details.
By the way, it's made of ABS, so it's light.


Custom Seats for a complete makeover!

From the stock seats that feel like Visibai goodness to the seats that would be perfect for a custom model!
We have a variety. You can choose all you want!

You can't afford to do a custom seat for the stock seat.

Genuine HONDA seat

The Cub-Little Cub that existed in the same shape, in various colors, in various limited editions, had a lot of parts that could be diverted!
Seats not only completely change the image of the car, but also offer practical benefits such as the ability to replace the suction cups that tend to deteriorate and improve seating comfort, so we encourage you to give them a try.
In my case, I'm appropriating the red seat from the limited edition, three-dimensional trademark commemorative model of the Little Cub from 2014.
Note that the seat hinges are different depending on the model year.

[Little Cub's limited edition, three-dimensional trademark commemorative model seat]
Product name: seat assembly
Part number: 77000-GCN-Y30ZA


Nice sheets that can solve the problem of fashion and ass pain

tokyo-do|53 sheets6,600 yen (tax included)

If you're looking to change from a cub-like practical car feel to a stylish seat, the 53 seat is a great choice.
You'll have to say goodbye to the stock carrier, but the long seats are comfortable and available in a wide range of colors.
Installed.Rating from the ownerAnd high marks across the board!


A modern seat for your custom Cub.

GM-MOTO|Custom Seats for Cub9,980 yen (tax included)

Perfect for extreme exterior customization, like fender chops and bar handle!
The undulating shape and thin seat surface give it a custom look!

What are you waiting for on the next page? Meet the muffler! We've got some unique exhausts here!

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