I’d recommend it to any summer biker! Why is cool innerwear cooler?

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夏のバイク乗りに勧めたい!涼しいインナーはなぜ涼しいのかI want to ride my bike in an air-conditioned room.

Summer. It's hot. Once the rainy season is over, it's the season from a biker's perspective, and the summer from hell begins.
You're probably already familiar with the idea of a mesh jacket when it comes to summer motorcycle clothing.
So, what's underneath, a t-shirt, a HOT LIMIT suit? It's the era of heat-absorbing innerwear!

WebiQ is here to bring you a little happiness and motorcycle knowledge.
This time, we're going to talk about why cold innerwear is cool.

Is contact cooling the strongest thing in the world?

I've heard the term "contact cold" a lot lately.
Contact cooling refers to the effect of feeling cold when you touch it.
In most cases, the material itself is not cold, but rather it becomes cooler when the heat of the body is transferred (i.e. taken away) to the material at the moment it is touched.
The basic idea is that heat moves from higher to lower. This is a property of the system.

It's the coolest thing ever, just by wearing it!I'm sure you're thinking.
But there is a point to note, however, that contact cold is most effective inThe moment you touch it.that it is. It's not a panacea.

Besides contact cooling, there are other important factors to consider when riding a motorcycle for long periods of time. That's fast drying and UV protection.

Quick-dry not only keeps you dry, it's cool.

Humans try to release heat from the body by sweating.
Sweat lowers your heat because when sweat evaporates on the skin, it removes heat (vaporizes).

The wicking fabric absorbs the sweat that occurs during this process and evaporates it quickly, which means that it absorbs heat from the body more effectively than waiting for the sweat to evaporate normally, resulting in a cooler climate.

Sweating and staying wet can also lead to steaminess. Steaminess makes you feel extra hot and sticky and uncomfortable to begin with.

For a comfortable ride.Wicking and quick drying is a must!

Don't forget the UV protection.

We all know that too much UV/UV exposure is not good for you.
It is not recommended to catch UV rays from the front of the skin in terms of accelerated skin aging and sunburn, and to maintain tight skin.
Sunburns are uncomfortable because the area feels tingly and feverish, so if you can handle it, you should.

It's sad, like tingling in a hot tub after a hard run.

That's where an inner layer made of UV resistant fabric comes in handy.
All UV-blocking fabrics are fabrics that prevent harmful UV rays from reaching the ground, and they are often black because the color is less likely to allow UV rays to pass through.

In addition to underwear, there are other UV protection items that come in cream form, but considering that they can come off through sweat and rubbing, wearing them as innerwear is more effective.

Conclusion! The game is about how long you can keep the heat off!

How much you should aim for in your summer innerwear.Can you continue to take the heat out of your body?It is.
What you need to be aware of then is the enduring heat absorption effect.

The best example of this is water wicking and quick drying, which uses the cooling mechanism of sweat to wick away heat.

There are various approaches, such as the recent introduction of heat-absorbing innerwear with special xylitol prints.
(Xylitol has a tendency to lower its temperature when dissolved in water.)

All of these tend to have a lasting heat-absorbing effect that utilizes the moisture (sweat) generated by the body, so pay attention to the cool principle when looking for it.

When riding a motorcycle, it is still preferable to wear motorcycle underwear that is shaped for riding, but there are also some that can be used in the field of outdoor equipment, workwear and sportswear.
Get creative with your innerwear for a cool and comfortable summer touring experience!


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