I didn’t know we had one of these! 6 Recommendations for body-friendly touring gear [Comfortable goods].

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こんなのあったんだ!身体に優しいおすすめツーリング用品6選【快適グッズ】Muscle pains tend to come late.
I'm nao, a Webike Magazine writer.

Do your shoulders, hips, wrists and other parts of your body ache after a long day of touring?
I will be (I swear).

If you're patient, your touring is going to be torture. ......
So, we've picked out some of our favorite touring support products to ease the strain on your body!

Simple cruise control for motorcycles to reduce wrist and grip strain!

GRANDTOUR |Accelerator lock system evo

Maintaining a twisted wrist position during long highway cruises can be unexpectedly tiring.

The Accelerator Locking System Evo enables the throttle to be locked in place so that the right hand is only required to rest lightly on the grip at high speeds!
This is an analog type accelerator rocker that helps to reduce wrist and grip fatigue.

22.Since there are two types of handlebars, one for 2Φ handlebars and the other for 1-inch handlebars, it can be used on most common motorcycles.

! Attention!
Make sure that the distance between the grip and the lever at the position where this product is installed is within 6cm.
Do not use this product if the gap is more than 6cm, as this may prevent the main unit from being attached to the lever, and may interfere with brake operation.


Absorb vibrations from the steering wheel! For tired palms and bean-proofing!

ACERBIS |Palm Protector

This one is also very simple to use, just wear it under your glove.
Off-road riders use them to prevent palm blisters and reduce fatigue, but of course they're great for on-road use too!

It will soften the shock and vibration from the handlebars transmitted to the palm of your hand, so you will definitely feel the benefits of this product when you ride for a long time. We strongly recommend this product to those who ride single engine and twin engine bikes in particular.

Although it is thin material, it will not slip off because it passes through five fingers. In addition, the back of the hand is made to be open so that it won't crack when operating the steering wheel. I was conscious of the vehicle manufacturer, and the rich color variation is also stylish!


Reduces uncomfortable stuffiness and hair crushing when wearing a helmet for comfort!

airhead |Ventilation Liner for Helmets

A soft silicone pad is attached to the inside of the helmet (no tape required) to create a physical space between the helmet and the scalp to create air flow inside the helmet.

This reduces odor, moisture, sweat, and hair crushing inside the helmet. (Patented) It is also made of medical-grade silicone and is anti-static, anti-bacterial and anti-allergy.

The unique design is shaped to fit perfectly inside any helmet. It can be used to adjust the size if the inside of the helmet is slightly larger.

When you actually use it, you can feel the air taken in through the ventilation of the helmet going through your entire head and it's so comfortable! Also, even in helmets without ventilation, a gap between the head and the helmet inner lining reduces uncomfortable stuffiness.


Pressure dispersion by medical gel material! Super relief from the pain in your hips!

DAYTONA | Touring Support Gel

One of the hardest things to deal with, depending on the bike, is the pain in your buttocks when you ride for long periods of time. No matter how comfortable you are on the road, the pain will make it impossible for you to do so.

Daytona's Touring Support Gel is the solution to this problem. With a pad made entirely of medical-grade gel material on the seat, you'll have a comfortable long ride!

It can also be attached to a tandem seat, so you're sure to be pleased with the tandem touring treats you get. It's easy to remove, so you can take it off when you're not using it.

Naked Bike In addition to the standard model, there is a long version that can accommodate the long seats of off-road vehicles.


It's a painful backache! Highly functional supporter that combines compression and taping fixation functions


You'd be surprised how many riders suffer from back pain.

For those people, we recommend the SK-11 waist supporter, which offers a high level of support.

The main features are as follows

This is an ultra-thin type with excellent breathability and a good fit that does not interfere with movement.
The mesh fabric is highly breathable and reduces moisture from perspiration.
The lumbar region has four coiled bones that provide secure lower back support.

It's super thin, so it doesn't get stiff underneath your riding clothes and doesn't interfere with your riding, which is great for riders. It's also great that the mesh type won't get stuffy in the coming season!


Less toe pain and shoe damage when shifting up!

TATSUMA | Painless shift pedal rubber

When riding in normal shoes for long periods of time, the pain can interfere with shift operation or even cause chafing. Riding shoes make it difficult to walk for long periods of time in touring, and retrofit protectors are a hassle to put on and take off.

In order to reduce the pressure on the foot during shift-up operations, we designed the bottom of the shift rubber to be a flat plate that matches the shape of the instep. As a result, the pressure on the instep of the foot is reduced to less than 1/10th of the pressure on the instep of the foot, and the pain on the instep is dramatically reduced even after a long ride!

It also eliminates the blackened toe of the shoe caused by shifting! I would recommend this product to commuter riders.

To install to a shift pedal, simply remove the existing shift rubber, insert this product and tighten with a tie wrap using the two holes on the inside of the pedal. This product is compatible with pedals with a shift rubber core diameter of 8mm and a length of 4cm, so it is compatible with most domestic models and backsteps.


Comfortables make touring more fun

When your body is comfortable, you can ride with more freedom and safety. If you've been feeling a little tired lately, give it a try!


Ha (smile)

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