GT-AIR II attachment for SHOEI helmet and B+COM attachment/J-CRUISE II/I actually installed it on the NEOTEC II!

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SHOEIヘルメット用、B+COM装着アタッチメントをGT-AIR II/J-CRUISE II/NEOTEC IIに実際に取り付けてみた!Now say goodbye to the bondage! Intercom choice is up to you!

SHOEI's touring helmets "GT-AIR II", "J-CRUISE II" and "NEOTEC II" are equipped with a base for installing SENA's special intercoms.
If you don't use the SENA, the structure allows you to install a cover, but what a pain in the ass!
It was difficult to install non-specialized intercoms because of the extra bulge of the cover on the side of the helmet and in the best position for intercom mounting.

Good news for those who have suffered from this cover.

As mentioned above, SHOEI's touring helmet series had trouble fitting the intercoms other than the specialized ones due to the cover getting in the way.
I'm sure that not only Beacom, but other intercoms like Midland and Caldo, as well as other intercom users outside of the exclusive SENA product line, were troubled by this.

The helmet attachment (for SHOEI), recently released by Beacom, is an item that allows you to install the Beacom in the proper position by replacing the special cover part.

This item has an itchy feel to it.
We, Webike Magazine, got one as soon as we could, so we're going to give you some impressions!

The items we're going to be impressions of
B+COM|Helmet Attachment (for SHOEI) 1,980 yen (tax included)

Compatible Helmets: GT-Air2/J-Cruise2/NEOTEC2
Supported B+COM: SB6X/ONE/SB4X/SB4X Lite


It's a pretty simple structure.

This attachment is sold at an affordable price of less than $2,000 including tax.
Using the familiar 3M adhesive tape, it was a very simple structure to attach the plastic attachment to the helmet and intercom.

I actually installed it.

Now for the actual installation. In this case, I installed it on the J-CRUISE II jet helmet.
This item can also be used with the GT-AIR II and NEOTEC II, but with essentially the same installation method.
To roughly summarize the flow, the order is to prepare the attachments and base plate, install them on the helmet, and install the various cables.

1Degrease the attachments.

It uses adhesive tape, so use the alcohol sheet provided to degrease it.

2Attach the base plate with adhesive tape.

Next, attach the adhesive tape to the attachment, and then attach the mounting base that was attached to the main unit of Beecom.
This attachment is compatible with SB6X/ONE/SB4X/SB4X Lite.instruction manual

Check out!

3Next, remove the factory cover (intercom cover)

The recommended method of removal is to make a gap behind the cover, insert your fingernail, pull it forward at an angle and press the button with your other hand.
It's pretty solid, but you can remove it with this.

4Degreasing the helmet side

Degreasing the position hidden by the cover! Since you're going to be doing this, you should also wash the dirt in the grooves.
It's hard to clean the sticky tape once it's applied.

5Stick the attachment to the helmet and you're done!

Stick it firmly.
The adhesion is not strong enough at the beginning, so wait 24 hours after you reach your desired position.
If you don't let it harden properly, it will come off.

After 24 hours, we'll install an intercom system.

Once you've confirmed that the intercom is firmly cured, install the intercom.
The attachment has a cable holder, so you can make good use of it to keep it neat and tidy.

Good clearance with no antennae bumping.

If you look at the attachments installed, you can see that they are slightly away from the helmet.
This way, when the SB6X antenna is set up, it will not hit the open/close switch on the inner visor.

It's sticky tape, but it won't come off.

Just a follow up for those riders who think that mounting with adhesive tape is a bit .......
The adhesive tape I used to install the intercom is 3M VHB tape.
This is the tape that has been in use for 30 years, and the exterior panels of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles are also held together with 3M VHB.

I mean! So it's a double-sided tape that can be used to attach even the heaviest, weathered exterior walls. There's no way it's going to fall off.

The intercom will be easy to operate!

What a surprise! For all intents and purposes, the Beacom, which had to be mounted in a position that was difficult to operate, sits in the correct position.
I no longer have to bring my hands up near the back of my head to operate the switches, which makes the intercom much easier to use!
It's just that it fits into a normal position, but the benefit from that normal is pretty significant.

Conclusion! That's a buy.
If you're going to use a comfortable touring helmet, you should make sure the intercom is properly mounted for more comfort! The price is as low as 2,000 yen, so we recommend it.


Three types of helmets are available

Attachments can be attached to SHOEI's touring helmet, the GT-AIR II/J-CRUISE II/NEOTEC II's three caps.
I installed them on all three hats this time, and none of them seemed to have any interference or problems.

The SB6X intercoms that can be used are/ONE/SB4X/With SB4X Lite, we can say that we have covered the beacom that would be in active use today.

It's still nice not to have to have a dedicated intercom for each cap.
Dedicated may seem like a good fit, but that doesn't mean that the next generation of helmets will carry over the standard when they are made.
Products that are in the process of evolving, especially intercoms, tend to change a lot with replacement things. I don't think users would appreciate the fact that when they buy a new helmet, the intercom is no longer available.
In the worst case scenario, the replacement span could even come in 3 years, which is the useful life of the helmet. Intercoms, in my experience, work twice as well as that.

With the introduction of the attachment for the Beacom, SHOEI's touring helmet series has regained its freedom of intercom choice.
The fact that the Beecombe can be installed in the correct position is exactly what we have been waiting for, and more importantly, it is exactly what we wanted all along.

Can't this attachment be used for something else?

Fortunately, the attachment introduced here has a gently curved flat surface on the beacom mounting side.
In other words, it is similar to the shape of the outside of a helmet.

So maybe it could be used as a mounting base for other companies' intercoms, Drorekos, and action cameras.
Of course, our staff hasn't tried it either, so it's at your own risk.

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