First half of 2020! The top 10 most popular touring bags [chosen by everyone!

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2020年上半期!一番人気だったツーリングバッグランキングトップ10!【みんなが選んだ!】The number one spot goes to that seat bag!

Summer! Summer means long distance touring! Speaking of long distances, it's a loading problem. It's a question of which touring bag to use.
Not only is touring a popular way to stay at an inn, but camping touring is also very popular these days!
It's hard to decide what kind of touring bag to buy!

That's why we've prepared our own rankings for the first half of 2020, based on the number of sales and views on Webike Shopping!
No discernment, this survey was made up of 100% user response!

Here's a really popular seat bag!

Top 10 most popular helmets for the first half of 2020

Number 10. KTM POWER PARTS(KTM Power Parts)|Rear Bag [small] 10-30L

It's ranked #10 with overwhelming support from KTM owners! It has an adjustable capacity of 10 to 30 liters, so you can use it to carry your wallet and phone on the way and souvenirs on the way home.
Actual rider ratingsSo, not only does it have a design that matches the KTM vehicle, but it is also said to be highly functional with its adjustable capacity.

About 10-30 liters


No. 9. kriega|Dry Pack US-20

In ninth place is a dry pack from British-born brand Kriega.
Perfect for day trips and summer overnight touring, it is a 20L size and is waterproof.
Even if it rains when you're driving on the highway or in other situations where you can't stop, it's a huge advantage to keep the contents dry! And it's cool!

Size】H40×W26×D19 cm
Material] 420D CORDURALITE / YKK zip
[Standard equipment]
US Hook Strap Set
Shoulder and waist straps

100% water proof
Rollover Closure
Organizer pocket
Optionally available: TANK US Drypack Converter


Eighth place. GIVI|B32N-ADV BOLD Monolock Case

If there's one thing synonymous with tailboxes, it's GIVI!
Eighth place is the Monolock case. This case looks surprisingly compact, but because of its square shape, it's a practical box that can also hold a helmet.
Plus, the top of the box has rails like a car's roof rails, so it's easy to load up on top for touring!
It would look great on an adventure bike like the ADV150!

Color] Unpainted Black
Attachment] General-purpose base
【Body weight (including base)】3.9kg
Size】433 in depth x 405 in width x 303 mm in height (outside)
These are the dimensions of the case itself. Accessory dimensions are not included.
Maximum loading weight】3kg


Seventh place. TANAX motofizz|Shell Seat Bag GT

The ever-popular Shell Seat Bag GT with a swoopy design that looks great on supersports and street fighters!
Apparently, due to capacity issues, many users are switching from the compact shell seat bag MT.
Well designed and with a capacity of up to 18 liters, it's going to carry a night's worth of clothes!

Material: PC resin / 1680D polyester
Capacity: 14-18L
Maximum storage weight: 5kg
Product weight: 1kg

Minimum: (H)212 x (W)278 x (D)350mm
Maximum: (H)272 x (W)278 x (D)350mm

The set includes.
Bag body x 1
K-system belt x 1
Rain cover x 1
Buckles to connect 2
Safety Belt x 1


Sixth place. TANAX motofizz|Camping Seat Bag 2

With a massive 75L capacity, our camping seat bag is #6, perfect for camping!
It is finished in the itchy area of touring, which tends to have a lot of luggage, such as taking in and out of luggage from the side, loading on top of the bag, and variable capacity mechanism.
Perfect for those of you who have trouble loading up your camp touring, and for those of you who want to start camp touring in the future!

By the way, by combining it with a ground seat bag (sold separately), the maximum capacity is 105 liters.


Color] Black (MFK-102)
Material] 1680D nylon + PVC leather

Minimum size: 350 (H) x 620 (W) x 350 (D) mm
Maximum size: 350 (H) x 820 (W) x 350 (D) mm

Fixing belt
Rain cover
Connecting buckle
Shoulder belt
Holder belt
Safety belt


Fifth place. GIVI|Monolock Case B32N BOLD

The top rail-less version of the monolock case featured in #8 is #5!
There is no difference in terms of capacity, so if you are mainly a city driver, you may want to choose this one.
Impressions from users who have purchased the productMany respondents rated the square shape as easy to use.

Body color: unpainted black
Capacity: 32 liters
Size: 433 mm (depth) x 405 mm (width) x 303 mm (height)
Weight: 3.2kg (including base)
Maximum loading weight: 3kg
Accessories: General-purpose base


Fourth place. TANAX motofizz|Shell Seat Bag MT

The very popular Shell Seat Bag MT comes in fourth, the perfect size to take your wallet, phone and rainwear on a day touring trip!
It uses a special loading system called the K-system belt, which makes it easy to load and not shift.
With an 18L capacity, you can do overnight touring with a shell seat bag GT and your choice!

Material: PC resin / 1680D polyester
Capacity: 10-14L
Maximum storage weight: 4kg
Product weight: 0.85kg

Minimum size: (H)194 x (W)256 x (D)326mm
Maximum size: (H)264 x (W)256 x (D)326mm

The set includes.
Bag body x 1
K-system belt x 1
Rain cover x 1
Buckles to connect 2
Safety Belt x 1

On the next page, we finally unveil the most popular seat bag of 2020!
The number one spot is still that bag!

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