ASMR – Good Sound] A full exhaust muffler for the ZX-25R has already appeared from R9 Exhaust! [Muffler sounds]

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【ASMR・いい音】R9 Exhaustから早くもZX-25R用フルエキマフラーが登場!【マフラー音アリ】This sounds good to me.

R9 Exhaust, a company that specializes in exhausts for 250cc sports bikes and other small displacement bikes, has already debuted a full exhaust system for the Kawasaki ZX-25R!
There are two types of products in the lineup: the M2-Ti, made of titanium, and the Zeta-R, made of stainless steel with a carbon cap.
Both are quite affordable at around 100,000 yen, but how do they perform! In addition to the images, I also got a video of the exhaust sound, so check it out!

The molding is a modern, lacy style.

The R9 Exhaust has been known for its sculpting for some time now, and the racy design in particular is quite impressive, as it was only supplied to MotoGP (Moto2 and Moto3 classes).

M2-Ti Titanium Full Exhaust Muffler

The shine of titanium and the laser-machined emblem are very cool.
The exit is a small, cylindrical shape, like modern MotoGP machines.
While titanium is as strong as steel, it is more corrosion resistant than aluminum and steel, and the fact that it is about 40% lighter than aluminum and steel means you can expect a change in driving.
It's an honestly cool design.

Zeta-R Full Exhaust Muffler

This one looks like the kind of design you'd see on a super sport that you'd see on the streets of America.
The material is stainless steel and the end caps are made of carbon. The shape of the silencer is like a polygon shape.
This one comes with a dB killer (inner silencer), which seems to muffle the volume to some extent.

Sounds like a nice 250cc multi-twin.

As for the sound you're worried about, both sound like 250cc 4 cylinders, turn! Grow! Creepy! It's like.
Personally, I think it sounds as good as the preceding brands.
Well, a picture is worth a thousand words!

M2-Ti Titanium Full Exhaust Sounds

It has a powerful sound that is typical of titanium. You'll want to turn and run this one!


Zeta-R full exhaust sound

It seems to be a bit more treble than the titanium. You can also check the exhaust sound with the inner silencer installed.

I'd like to read that in conjunction with.
You can get a full exhaust from the manufacturer in moto2 for as little as $30,000! The secret to the R9 Exhaust! [Muffler sounds]
moto2に出てたメーカーのフルエキが3万円台から買える!?R9 Exhaustのヒミツに迫る!【マフラー音アリ】
The competitiveness of Asia is amazing! Nowadays, the market price for a typical 250cc full exhaust muffler, such as the R25, Ninja 250, CBR250RR, etc. is around 80,000 to 100,000 yen. The R9 Exhaust, which has recently started to be handled by Webike, turns this market price upside down with a full exhaust muffler that can be purchased from the amazing 30,000 yen range....

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