A workman devotee, for the first time in his life! What it feels like to wear motorcycle rainwear

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ワークマン信者が、人生初!バイク用レインウェアを着てみて感じたことRainwear is fine with Workman.

There was a time when I thought so too. Yes, that's what I thought until last week.
I've been a long time fan of Workman rainwear and never bought any bike rainwear, but last week I finally did! What a luxury rainwear purchase from RS Taich!

It's the same for kappa or whatever you buy anyway.
If it's going to be flooded in one or two years, it's better to use a cheap one and throw it away. That's the thinking behind the scenes, and that's why I've been supporting Workman.
But! The first motorcycle rainwear I bought was really impressive and I thought I'd share that excitement with you guys.

I bought it on the spur of the moment and it was RS Tyche.

The rainy season is in full swing. I commute 20 minutes each way to work and back every day, so it's a matter of life and death if my rainwear doesn't function properly.
I've been replacing my workman's rainwear about once a year, but this year is finally no good again.
Normally, I would have been here to dash around in my Workman rain and say that I was the strongest Workman in the world, but this time I happened to have some room in my pocket, so I bought Tych. (It really wasn't meant to be deep.)

After some deliberation.Show us the performance of RS TAICHI rainwear!And I chose to look at it from above.RSR048 DRYMASTER Rain suitIt is.

What is the RSR048 DRYMASTER?

Tych's rainwear is made up of two big names, Rainbuster and Drymaster.
Dry Master is the highest grade of Taichi's original fabric, with a water pressure resistance of 20,000 mm and a moisture permeability of 10,000 g./m2/It is made of 24h high-performance waterproof and breathable material.
In other words, it's a model that is recommended by Tych, which is not wet and has good ventilation.

Now that we've covered the specs, I'm going to give you my subjective impressions, focusing on the points that impressed me.

The box is so gorgeous!

RS Tych rainwear that arrived.
No, it's a big box! And it's long! It's a bit matte and upscale!
Rainwear packaging is a plastic bag? I think it's typically wrapped in a package like this, but it's a gorgeous package, Tych, wasted.

The weight is fairly light.

The first thing that struck me through the sleeves was the lightness.
It's not that Workman rainwear is heavy by any means (it's more of a light weight), but the RS Tych felt light. By the way, 0..8380(kg).

And soft! It's easy to move around without feeling rumpled.
This was the moment I sensed that this was definitely different from cheap rainwear.

The length is also a bit long, as it's for motorcycles. It helps that it's sized for motorcycles from the start.
Rainwear that isn't for bikes, if you don't imagine how it's going to feel when you ride it, you're going to have to bear the grief of your ankles sticking out when you straddle the seat, or your back sticking out when you lean forward.
The chuck and the large size of the pockets are also modest. Easy to handle in a glove!

In terms of size, I chose the XL size based on my past experience as I'm a skinny guy (180cm), but I'm thinking the L size would have been better as it's a bit big.
But I have a burr for sizing, so that's okay! You can use it to squeeze out what you need.

In the winter, we wear thicker clothes, so bigger is probably better than smaller. Yoshi!

I ran in the rain.

Just in time to use it as soon as the day I received it was raining.
It's so good to wear that I just received it and said it was a waste of time to get it wet, or something strange like that, but if you think about it, it's rainwear. What's the point of getting wet?

SUM: "SUM: ......!!!

This was my first impression after wearing and driving over a short sleeve t-shirt.
The border between June and July. The temperature is a little over 20 degrees Celsius because it's at night.
Nevertheless, the usual workmen were not cold in these temperatures.

The breathability is responsible for the fact that Tych felt cold. I was freaked out because it was too much of a first time sensation, but the ventilation is much better.
The ventilation and breathable, waterproof material allows the lush air to pass through without staying inside the rainwear. This is comfortable: .......

I was convinced that this breathability would make a tremendous difference in the summer.

It's easy to move and light and doesn't flap around so you won't get tired even though it's a rainy ride.
You can stay comfortable in the gloomy rain.

And then he became enlightened.

All right. I'll write a story about this and brag to everyone.

People who buy motorcycle rainwear aren't buying it for cosmetic reasons or anything else. ...... They're buying this comfortable ride: .......
Time is Money.

I went home that day impressed with the momentum that I had gained, as if I had been spun by Taichi.
Heartlessly, I felt a mysterious sense of smugness that I'm wearing Tych's rainwear ...... and satisfied my desire to own it.

I had been thinking about rainwear in terms of cosmetology, but I was at a different stage of the fight to begin with.
I can't go back to cheap rainwear for a bit longer.

It dries quickly and is perfect for the rainy season.

When I got home, I would hang my rainwear out to dry, and here again, it was indeed Tych.
It dries rather quickly.
I hung it out on the front porch, where it didn't get much sun or airflow, but the next day it was dry and crisp and dry rainwear.

Cheap rainwear can feel slightly sticky the next morning when it's not completely dry, but the Drymaster is dry.
This is a great specification for the rainy season when it continues to rain. The fact that it dries quickly means that it does not become odorless.

Storage bags that fit together in just the right size.

Storage bag, not too big and not too small.

In the case of mountain climbing, some of them use palm-sized storage bags because of their compactness.
But if it's too compact a storage bag in town, you're likely to have to fold it up to fit in correctly and eventually lose it somewhere else.
At least for me, I've had to carry it around in a non-compact way a few times in the past because it became a pain in the ass to put it in a compact storage bag.

That said, the Tych storage bag was a sensible and easy to use size.
It has an L-shaped zipper with a wide opening, making it easy to put in and take out.

So you're buying motorcycle rainwear after all.

Until last week, I was comparing the cost of replacing $3,000 rainwear once a year with the cost of bike rainwear, but I was wasting my time.

If your budget allows, you should buy motorcycle rainwear.
There is no doubt about this.
While the price tag is certainly impactful at 10,000 to 20,000 yen, the performance more than makes up for it.
I get the impression that they make a big difference in the cost performance part of the equation.

I would especially recommend it to anyone who wears cheap rainwear.


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