Chari-bura SACO Helmet Bag Review

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We'd like to introduce you Chari-bura SACO Helmet Bag.

Point 1
This helmet bag will allow you to carry your helmet with style.
Riders who take great care of their helmets very often get worried about thieves or the weather when they leave their helmets behind with the motorcycle.
But with this bag, you'll be able to take your helmet with you.

Point 2
It's made with flexible material.
It won't get torn even if a tool or ball pen gets stuck.
When it gets heavy it will spontaneously close itself.

Point 3
You can chose from various designs.
Each one is hand painted.
They are painted with high quality paint.
The paint used is flexible and highly durable.

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Chari-bura SACO Helmet Bag

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