Honda Launches “Gyro e:” Electric Three-wheeled Scooter for Business Use, for Corporation

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Honda has announced that it will release the Gyro e:, an electric three-wheeled scooter for business use that uses the Honda Mobile Power Pack, a replaceable battery, in a body that combines the stability of a three-wheeled vehicle with the nimble maneuverability of a motorcycle, for corporate customers* on Thursday, March 25.

The Gyro e: was developed based on the concept of a business e: (three-wheeler) that makes daily deliveries more convenient and reliable. The GYRO e: features a large rear deck that is parallel to the ground to prevent cargo from shifting, a low floor for easy loading and unloading, and a rearward assist function that enhances convenience when turning in tight spaces or on slopes. This is an electric three-wheeled scooter for business use that takes into consideration the ease of use in pickup and delivery operations amid growing environmental awareness.

In addition to the outstanding environmental performance of this "clean" and "quiet" electric mobility vehicle, which emits no CO2 during driving, the motor's torque from low rpm provides strong and smooth starting performance and hill-climbing performance even when loaded with cargo. Combined with drive current control technology that pursues high efficiency, the new model achieves a driving range of 72 km per charge (based on 30 km/h constant-ground driving tests).

Honda Mobile Power Pack

Special charger

Two Honda Mobile Power Packs, which are common to the Benly e:, are used as the power source, and by replacing them with charged Honda Mobile Power Packs, the vehicle can be driven without waiting for them to be recharged.

Honda will contribute to providing a quieter and cleaner living environment by promoting the Honda e: Business Motorcycle*2 series, which is friendly to both the environment and the people who use them.

*1 From the viewpoint of social responsibility for battery recycling, this product is sold only to corporations that can cooperate in the collection of batteries. If you are interested in purchasing or leasing this product, please apply using the "Honda Motorcycle Corporate Inquiry Form" on the Honda website.
*2 A generic term for Honda's business-use electric motorcycles, including the Gyro e: and the Benly e: series.

Gyro e:

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 550,000 yen (including consumption tax)*3

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*3 The price is for the gyro e: vehicle itself and does not include the Honda Mobile Power Pack or the dedicated charger required for driving. Honda Mobile Power Pack and charger are leased to corporations that have purchased or leased the vehicle itself. Lease fees vary depending on the term and plan. Please inquire about the combination of the vehicle, Honda Mobile Power Pack, and dedicated charger at the time of negotiation.

Main Features

EV System

  • For operation, the system uses 96V power from two Honda Mobile Power Packs connected in series as the energy source. The power is converted to three-phase AC by the power control unit (PCU) and supplied to the motor to drive it.
  • By adopting a control technology that supplies drive current to the motor more efficiently, the motor's torque is finely controlled to achieve smooth riding at low speeds and when backing up.
  • The stator and rotor are fixed in an aluminum case and cover to form a unit. The stator and rotor are fixed as a unit in the aluminum case and cover, and the motor can be attached and removed as a unit for easy maintenance.
  • The Honda Mobile Power Packs are placed in the space under the seat on either side of the vehicle in the direction of travel. The two Honda Mobile Power Packs are placed closer to each other by using the handle of the detachable mechanism as a guide.
  • To charge the battery, connect the stand-alone Honda Mobile Power Pack, which has been removed from the vehicle, to a dedicated charger connected to an external power source. It takes about four hours*4 to fully charge the battery from zero.
  • The driving range per charge is 72km (30km/h constant-ground driving test value). With a maximum load of 30kg, it can climb a 15° incline.
  • The reverse assist function is activated by pressing the reverse switch and starter switch when the vehicle is at a standstill. This contributes to ease of handling.

*4 Charging time is based on the specified test conditions when connected to an electrical outlet and varies depending on the condition of the Honda Mobile Power Pack, the charging environment, and other conditions.


  • The front and rear of the body are connected by a swing mechanism. When turning, the front part of the vehicle swings to provide a secure ride that only a three-wheeled vehicle can provide.
  • In order to adjust the difference in rotation between the left and right rear wheels when turning, a differential gear is installed coaxially with the final shaft.
  • The low-floor rear deck is parallel to the ground for ease of loading and unloading and is designed to prevent cargo shifting while driving.
  • The parking lock mechanism secures the swing mechanism and rear axle simultaneously by operating the parking lock lever.

Other equipment

  • The headlight has a hexagonal shape that contributes to a simple and stylish design and a low floor where the optional front basket can be mounted.
  • The meter panel displays a variety of information about the EV system in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition to the speedometer and clock, it also displays the remaining capacity of the Honda Mobile Power Pack and has a reverse indicator that lights up when the vehicle is moving backward.
  • An open-type inner pocket is provided for easy access to small items.
  • It is equipped with an accessory socket for charging mobile devices.

Main specifications

Vehicle body (performance with 2 Honda Mobile Power Packs installed)

Motorcycle name

Gyro e:

Motorcycle model

Honda ZAD-EF13

Length x Width x Height (mm)

1,945 x 710 x 1,030

Distance (mm)


Minimum ground clearance (mm)★


Seat height(mm)★


Vehicle weight (kg)


Seating capacity (persons)


Travel distance per chanrge*5(km)

Value reported by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

72 (30km)/(h constant-ground driving test value)

Minimum turning radius (m)


Engine type/model

EF13M・AC Synchronous Motor

Rated output (kw)


Maximum power (kW)[PS]/rpm)


Maximum torque (N・m)[kgf-m]/rpm)




90/90-12 44J


130/70-8 42L



Mechanical Leading and Trailing


Mechanical Leading and Trailing



telescopic style


Unit swing type



Drive battery

2 Honda Mobile Power Packs

Type approval application figures according to the Road Trucking Vehicle Law (Items marked with ★ are Honda's published specifications)
Manufacturer: Honda Motor Co.

*5 The mileage on a single charge is the value under the specified test conditions. It may vary depending on various conditions, such as the customer's operating environment (weather, traffic congestion, etc.), driving method, vehicle condition (equipment and specifications), and maintenance status. The mileage per charge is based on actual measurements taken while driving at a constant speed.
*6 Classified as a first-class motorized bicycle (3-wheeled) under the Road Trucking Vehicle Law

Honda Mobile Power Pack

Battery typeLithium-ion battery
Battery voltage/Capacity (V/Ah)50.4/20.8

Original Source [ Honda ]

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