Bosch Offers Apps for Automatic Emergency Assistance for Motorcycles in 11 European Countries to Help While Riding

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Bosch has launched Help Connect, an application for automatic emergency assistance that integrates automatic accident detection, emergency call functions, and a personal emergency response system, in 11 European countries.

Help Connect automatically detects accidents with a collision detection algorithm in cooperation with the motorcycle navigation app "calimoto" and the eBike system "COBI.Bike". In the event of an emergency, the app will notify the emergency service via Help Connect's emergency call center and promptly guide you to the accident site.

It is currently used by hundreds of thousands of users, including both motorcycle and bicycle riders.

Three benefits in one solution

Help Connect integrates automatic accident detection, emergency notification capabilities, and a personal emergency response system. For example, COBI.In Bike and calimoto, the collision detection algorithm evaluates the smartphone's sensor data regarding speed, acceleration, and rotation. The majority of smartphones on the market today are equipped with such sensors. Please note that the app must be activated while driving and the device must be attached to the steering wheel. Help Connect works on all Android devices with version 6 or higher, and all iOS smartphones with version 11 or higher.

The solution uses the smartphone's mobile data connection to send its current location, impact severity and, depending on the app, optionally stored medical-related data to the Help Connect emergency call center, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the event of an accident.

At the call centre, specially trained emergency services personnel will attempt to contact the person involved in the accident. The communication takes place in German or English, even in European countries outside Germany. If there is no response and the sensor data indicate a serious fall accident, the emergency services are notified immediately. Similarly, you can optionally notify your relatives and friends. Emergency calls can also be made manually at any time.

Bosch has also developed a vehicle-mounted accident detection function for motorcycle riders. In this case, Help Connect makes use of an inertial measurement sensor unit, which is one of the constituent components of Bosch's Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC). It connects via Bluetooth to apps from Help Connect-enabled partners and sends data to the HelpConnect emergency call center, just like a smartphone-based solution.

Partner Expansion – Expanding Applications

With the aim of making life safer, Bosch integrates its emergency call solutions into as many networked products as possible, including its own and those of its partners. HelpConnect is designed as an open IoT ecosystem that can help save lives with sensor technology suited to the specific characteristics of a wide range of products," says Denner.

For example, startup Tocsen is currently in the process of integrating Help Connect into the sensor solutions in its product helmets. Bosch is also preparing to integrate its smart home services and products with the Help Connect service, which is expected to be used for fire and burglar alarms as well as home flood protection in the future.

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