YAMAHA Releases 2021 Model “TMAX560 TECH MAX” Featuring a New Gray Color

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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. will release a new color scheme for the "TMAX560 TECH MAX ABS," an automatic sport motorcycle that balances sporty performance with convenience, as a 2021 model on April 26.

The new gray color expresses a sporty image and has a sophisticated feel befitting a high-end model that matches a variety of styles and situations. The emblem is red chrome, which contrasts well with the body color. The Matte Greenish Gray color will remain on sale.

The TMAX560 TECH MAX ABS is based on the standard TMAX560 ABS and features a cruise control system, electrically adjustable screen, grip warmers, heated main seat and adjustable rear suspension for enhanced comfort.

The "Matte Gray" standard model TMAX560 ABS will continue to be sold.


Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 1,419,000 yen

Pastel Dark Gray (Gray/New Color)


Original Source [ Yamaha Motor Co. ]

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