2021 New X-ADV Gets Aggressive Style and New Engine!

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Honda unveiled the new X-ADV as a planned production model at the Honda Motorcycle Fes 2021 held online at the company's official website. The X-ADV is a scooter-type crossover model powered by a 750cc engine with DCT and is popular for its unique concept. The 2021 model will be the first full model change in four years.

Electronic throttle control provides four different riding modes

As with the new NC750X, the new X-ADV achieves an increase in power output of more than 4ps through changes to the engine's valve timing, intake and exhaust efficiency, and the use of throttle-by-wire, while also meeting Euro 5 emissions regulations.

▲2021 new X-ADV, price and release date not yet announced

Another new topic is the ability to set four riding modes that vary in terms of engine power, engine braking, traction control and ABS intervention. As well as being able to choose between Standard, Sport, Rain and Gravel modes, there is also a User Mode to suit the rider's preferences.

While inheriting the aggressive and wild 4-wheeled SUV-like appearance image, the design has been changed to a more intrepid design that integrates 12 LED dual headlights with sharper high and low beams and a more shaped and complex surface structure. The strong identity has been strengthened.

▲New meter supports a variety of riding mode displays

▲The capacity under the seat for one full-face helmet has been increased by 1L.


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