Yamaha Releases “Vino” 2021 Model in 4 Unique Colors to Suit Retro Pop Style

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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has changed the livery of its popular "Vino" moped scooter with its retro pop style, and will release it as a 2021 model on March 3, 2010.

The new colors are "Red", which is eye-catching and bright, "Black", which is a mature monotone color with deep red accents, "Brown", which is an elegant combination of white and "Brown" and "Beige", a modern and simple color with a warm feeling. In addition to the "light blue" and "blue" colors that will continue to be sold, there will be a total of six colors available.

The Vino is a fashion scooter that expresses a retro feel. The Vino also features a combination brake to support braking, an idling stop system, and other convenient equipment for daily transportation. The Vino will be manufactured by Honda Motor Co.


Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 203,500 yen (including consumption tax)

Fighting Red (Red/New color)

Graphite Black (Black/New color)

Mahogany Brown Metallic (Brown/New color)

Virgin Beige (Beige/New color)

Puco Blue (Light Blue)

Urbane Denim Blue Metallic (Blue)

Original Source [ Yamaha Motor Co. ]

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