Yamaha Introduces New Colors for the “JOG/Deluxe” 2021 Model

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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. has changed the coloring of its popular "JOG Deluxe" and "JOG" first-class moped scooters with a sporty appearance, and will release these scooters as 2021 models on March 3.

The JOG Deluxe features a high-quality matte black finish with silver emblems. The standard model "JOG" is now available in two new colors: a playful "matte green" with striking orange graphics, and a calming "brown" with refreshing white graphics. The JOG Deluxe in blue and the JOG in matte silver, black, and white will continue to be sold.

The "JOG" is a moped scooter with a powerful engine that offers excellent fuel efficiency and environmental performance, making it a convenient means of daily transportation. It is also equipped with a combination brake to support braking and an idling stop system (exclusive to the JOG Deluxe). It will be manufactured by Honda Motor Co.

JOG Deluxe

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 183,700 yen (including consumption tax)

Matte Ballistic Black Metallic (Matte Black/New color)

Atmosphere Blue Metallic (Blue)


Manufacturer's suggested retail price: 170,500 yen (including consumption tax)

Matt Armored Green Metallic (Matt Green/New color)

Hogany Brown Metallic (Brown/New color)

Matte Altair Silver Metallic (Matte Silver)

Graphite Black (Black)

Ross White (White)


Original Source [ Yamaha Motor Co. ]

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